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Review: Captive Prince

Captive Prince: Volume One (Volume 1) - S. U. Pacat Captive Prince: Volume Two  - C.S. Pacat, S.U. Pacat

I’m perhaps one of the few latecomers to reading Captive Prince Volumes One and Two.  The author, S.U. Pacat has been writing Captive Prince, online, since 2008 as Original Slash.  There are three volumes in the series.  Volumes One and Two are available at Amazon.  Penguin has purchased the rights to the story.  Penguin will publish Volume Three in 2014.

As this is a master/slave fiction, the setting for Captive Prince is the fantasy world of kings and kingdoms.  Half-brother, Kastor, set the forces against Prince Damianos of Akielos leaving him captured, bound, and shipped off as a slave to Vere Kingdom.  Kastor offers slave Damianos, hence called, Damen, as a gift to Vere’s Prince Laurent.  Prince Laurent hates all Akielons as he lost a loved one in the last war with this enemy.  Prince Laurent hasn’t gotten over the lost.  To Damen’s dismay, he will feel the full brunt of Laurent’s hatred, simply because he is an Akielon.  Laurent has no idea Damen is his most hated enemy, Prince Damiano of Akielos.

Fair warning, Captive Prince has scenes of rape, torture, physical abuse, some told off the page, other in a bit of details.  The author does a wonderful job in conveying just the right amount of information without being gory.

Volume One is primarily set at the Verethian court.  The court is a glamorous and superficial place for the upper echelon of the Verethian society.  The world building here is rich with details in political intrigue, murder, brutality, and comportment.  They also have an interesting concept for maintaining faithfulness and bloodlines.  Told through Damen’s point of view, we are given the opportunity of learning the culture and mannerisms of the Verethian society, and Damen tells us through comparison how the court at Akielos is simpler, less elegant or pompous.  Akielons treat slaves with more respect.  At Vere, slaves are objectified and referred to as “pet”.  They are pleasure slaves subjected to the whims of their owners.

As far as romance goes, do not expect any in Volume One and very little in Volume Two.  The UST between Laurent and Damen is off the chart in Volume Two.  They have a rough beginning.  Damen so use to conducting himself as a prince, his arrogant attitude is the cause for Laurent issuing harsh punishments.  No matter, Damen remains very much who he is.  He does not once adjust his attitude to his supposedly betters.  He speaks honestly and not always in good favor of Laurent.  Later, in Volume Two a transformation takes place between the two.  I appreciate the author use of trust and respect to form their relationship.

The characterizations both main and secondary are amazing.  Laurent, again, his personality will draw your attention to him and the reader may hate him as I did.  It was difficult to find sympathy for him even as I suspect the reasons for his difficulty at court.  I despised Laurent with the same passion as he despised all things Akielon.  He is one of the nastiest, coldest, sarcastic, mean, characters I have read in a long time.  Lucky in Volume Two, my opinion change when the story starts to reveal details of Laurent and of his past.  We actually see him vulnerable.  Still, the capacity for such venom he expresses is terrifying.

Captive Prince is an epic tale, written in beautiful language that is engaging and fascinating.  I can’t wait for the publisher to release of Volume Three in 2014. 


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Reading Now: The Bacchi

The Bacchi - Belinda McBride

Sometimes a girl just want to read something fun and entertaining.  I think "The Bacchi" will fit the bill.


If I can lift my head up from reading about the implementation of Affordable Care Act, maybe, just maybe I can finish writing three reviews.

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Sending Messages

Is it possible to send instant messages to followers such as the feature at Goodreads. New users such as myself can benefit from an online help manual or webpages.  Something we can read online instead of chatting to customer rep.  Although, I do love the idea of a customer rep.

His Just Desserts - Dakota Trace In fact I wanted to read something light. This one did the job.Rating: 3.5 starsReview originally posted here:http://twlibreviews.com/2013/09/his-just-desserts-dakota-trace/

Review: Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry - Rhys Ford

The complete review is archived at http://twlibreviews.com/2013/09/review-dirty-laundry-by-rhys-ford/


Rhys Ford continues to write a delightful series, keeping me totally engaged. It has humor, joy, sadness, a bungling hero in Cole, and a subtle theme connecting the plot lines. The murder mystery takes up most of the space in the storytelling. It also relate to the main idea in a different way that is enjoyable. What I love the best is the closeness between Cole and Jae-Min despite the tension between them. The author tests the love they have for each other, deepens the characterization of the characters, and bring to life their fears. I wonder how Jae Min will handle having his sister with him. Will Cole see reason and communicate with his new brother.


For future books, I would love to read one devoted to Cole and Jae Min and less on the external conflict. I’m ready to learn more about Jae Min and family, and about Ichiro and his mother. I really, really want Cole to confront his parents and take a strong, undeniable stance for himself. Cole needs to put Daddy Dearest in his place. After three books, I think it’s about time we take the storyline to the inside.

Source: http://twlibreviews.com/2013/09/review-dirty-laundry-by-rhys-ford
Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2013/09/review-power-exchange-by-aj-rose/Rating 4.5For months, the book cover prevented me from reading this book. I wasn’t into reading hardcore BDSM books. The cover made me uncomfortable. So, what happened? Honestly, I don’t remember why I decided to purchase the eBook, but I can say this, I’m darn glad I bought and read Power Exchange.Amazing that one incident can change the shape of a person’s life. Detective Gavin DeGrassi has been living the life of numbed compliancy with a wife he cares for but doesn’t really love, with a close-knit family of cops he loves dearly but could never tell them the truth about who he really is. It’s not until he and his partner, Trent, begin investigating a murder that Gavin makes a startling discovery about himself.The investigation brings in consultant, Dr. Ben Haverson, Psychologist, therapist, an experienced Dom. With the doctor on board, Gavin gain further details about the BDSM lifestyle without seeming too interest. It’s all for the job, right. He tries to keep his fascination hidden from his partner and the doctor. Then a situation with his wife rears its ugly head. Gavin goes to the Collared Club as a customer instead of the cop investigating the BDSM murder. There he meets Ben, and later experience his first exploration into the life style.As Gavin become totally engaged in his new life, more murders take place with the victims dying in gruesome BDSM murder scenes. On the peripheral of everything, someone out there notice Gavin and Ben, someone who could harm the new couple.Gavin is totally captivated by the act of submission. For someone with no experience and is unfamiliar with the lifestyle, Gavin gloms into the role-playing like a fish hunting for water. You can tell he’s a natural submissive by how he interacts with family and friends. I find it amazing how well he has kept this part of himself hidden, even from himself. And I think this is what Power Exchange is mostly about. It’s discovery of who you are through common goals, trust, and understanding. It is to understand the difference between submission and being weak.There are times I thought the narrative too clinical. By no means is this negative but enlightening since the clinical aspect of the details come from Ben Haverson. He’s a doctor and doctors should be objective and purpose driven. Ben, though, is such a lovely man. The author did a tremendous job in creating this character with warmth, compassion, and vulnerability. Ben is nothing I think of as a Dom. It’s when he and Gavin are together, role-playing, I realize Ben is very much a Dom. I also feel his Dom-ness seems weak because he suffered a terrible situation, which prevents him from getting involved in the lifestyle until he meets Gavin.I have one major issue with the story and this has a lot with me not giving the book a five star rating. It happens at the point in the murder mystery, as Gavin and his new partner, Myah are on the trail of the killer. Suddenly, Gavin turns into this OOC, who I don’t recognize. His ability as a police officer comes into question. I am disappointed the author takes this route. You know, though, we are imperfect humans with flaws and warts. In this respect, the character emulates real life.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Power Exchange. The book is well written, has well drawn characters and it kept me engage in the universe. Gavin and Ben are hot and wonderful as a couple, and it was great watching their relationship grow from the lifestyle into love. Ben says to Gavin their first night together.Power Exchange changed the way I think of BDSM, and look forward to reading similar books.
But For You (A Matter of Time #6) - Mary Calmes The complete review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2013/03/review-but-for-you-by-mary-calmes/“But For You” is the last installment in Mary Calmes’ “A Matter of Time” series. All readers familiar with the series can expect more of Jory and Sam in Jory and Sam typical style.What the author does in the last segment is touch on Sam’s past by introducing a former lover to the new storyline. There is closure with Adam and Jory’s relationship. Then there is Jory who is now 35 years old, we get to see character growth in how he handles marriage, children, and those troubling events entering his life like a thirsty man lapping up water.Overall, the book is quite an enjoyable read. The author does a wonderful job maintaining consistent characterization, providing continuity in the installment and yet introducing new subjects merging them well in the current universe and resolving the events in highly and engaging scenes. The prose is snappy, hilarious, and the reader will be kept entertained. I’m going to miss Jory and Sam.
An Unconventional Courtship - Scotty Cade Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2013/03/an-unconventional-courtship-scotty-cade/An Unconventional Courtship is a sweet, romantic story of an assistant realizing his love for the boss. I don’t think the storyline is unconventional but having read Tristan’s characterization, I can imagine him thinking the term “unconventional”.I find I couldn’t become engage in the storyline. The story is a tad too sweet for my reading taste, not enough confrontations, earning the HFN label too easy.
Made Man - Evan Gilbert Review posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-man-made-by-evan-gilbert/The lovely image of a multicultural couple immediately draws me in, as this kind of story is one of my favorites. The type of ethnicity or race is not a question. I just love reading how the author will or will not approach the subject of differences.Lately, though I’ve been reading stories where the multicultural aspect is merely a tool to say one person is different without detailing the nature of the difference. Man Made is like this. Eli is the character with one distinguishing multicultural feature, his skin color from which we identify from the book cover. I wonder, what is the point? What purpose does it serve? Without some commentary on the cultural and traditions of a multicultural, I don’t see the point of creating a character from that background.What starts out as curiosity and maybe just a little hope of meeting up with Kevin, Eli gets turn around quickly as the ugly head for revenge surface. No love is lost for Kevin’s father because of the things he did to his son. Eli decides to run an investigation on the father’s criminal activities so he can turn over the evidence to the police.Kevin’s sudden appearance at Eli’s mother grave sidetracks the investigation. Eli and Kevin engage in full disclosure. Kevin tells Eli everything about why he left him and married Brittany, who came between them in school. They have their own special reunion in Eli’s hotel room.The blight and nature of Kevin Murphy keeps me fully engaged in the story. We know he’s tough from reading the background details but when he’s with Eli, this man is vulnerable, needy, selfish, and very protective of Eli. As he did many years ago, Kevin still comes to Eli seeking comfort and love. Nothing changes in that respect between them as if time stood still. And he does it again, walks away from Eli. He doesn’t apologize. He doesn’t acknowledge the pain caused by his actions. He simply says he’s dangerous to Eli.Man Made is a sweet story of love lost and found, but the storytelling is uneven and choppy. The scenes jump from A to B without smooth transitions. Blink and the readers are there in the next event. The MC is actually uninteresting and there is nothing about him distinguishes his Spanish and Irish American background. We do receive resolution in the father’s investigation in the most unexpected way. The ending is abrupt and I feel, unrealistic.Story is recommended with caution.Hookups and one-night stands aside, could someone go for twenty years and never engage in a meaningful relationship? I asked my better half and he says, yes, absolutely. The mind boggles. What do you think?
Closet - R.D. Zimmerman

rating: 4.5 starsThe moment I began reading the thoughts of an unnamed narrator in the first chapter, I was hooked on Closet. The suspense and tension kept me glued to the book until I finished in one reading. The story is focused on the mysterious killer and Todd who comes under more suspicion as a second murder will take place. We get glimpses of Todd and Michael time together through Todd’s internal thinking. We learn how much they mean to each other and what a fool Todd was. The romance is secondary to the main plot and have Detective Steve Rawlins and Todd giving into the UST.Full Review: http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-closet-by-r-d-zimmerman/

Portside - Elyan Smith Rating: 3.5 starsI was drawn to the well written and evocative descriptions of the story setting. Interesting premise on gender identity and sexual orientation. I actually find myself reading non-fic articles on transgender.Full Review: http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-portside-by-elyan-smith/