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Frog - Mary Calmes “It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.”Quote by John RuskinIt’s almost difficult reviewing this story without revealing too much of the narrative. The book blurb is right on target in its description of the book. What I can tell you is that I love; love this story with a passion. This is true romance at its best. Two characters, Weber as the protagonist; Cyrus the antagonist, the increasing conflict of convincing Weber he is the perfect man for Cyrus. If Weber were a woman, there wouldn’t be a story. If I could, I would grab Cyrus as my man in a heartbeat.What you will not find in this story are conflicting external actions such as those in murder thrillers, mystery, crime thrillers, and romantic suspense. While Cyrus laid siege with heartfelt emotional words, which seem to bounce off thickheaded Weber, outside forces are aligning with the stars. They come ready to do battle. Weber must push aside his manner of thinking to see them as they are, as gifts of love.As Weber resists the lure, he and Cyrus are loving each other something fierce. The love scenes are breath taking, and aid in the developing the characters of who they are to each other. The words spoken, the touches, the kisses on the forehead, the holding of hands. They send a vivid imaging of how these two belong together. They are beautiful.Weber is one the kindest, sweetest fellas and the epitome of the American cowboy. He lived most of his life alone, having lost his parents in his mid-teens. The one sibling, a brother, lost to the war in Iraq. Web drifts from one rodeo circuit to another looking for the big break that will make him a bona fide bull rider. At one point in the story, it broke my heart when he tells Carolyn, Cyrus’ sister; his address is a P.O. Box of a friend. Weber absolutely has no home, not a single place where he can lay down his head and put up his weary feet. The idea of having nowhere to go except to run down motel rooms or finding a job at some ranch, it’s hard to imagine.To everyone else, Cyrus, the neurosurgeon is distant, analytical, driven to success. Rarely does he smiles and he never shares personal feelings with others that aren’t part of his core family and set of best friends. The men he dates are of similar caliber. No wonder Weber can make him laugh, bring him joy, turning Cyrus into a playful and warm man people can hardly recognize.From the first page where Weber rings up Cyrus to the last page, the reader will be enthralled to the beauty of Web and Cyrus and their delicate romance.High praise to Mary Calmes for writing Frog, a wonderful a romance drawing in the readers with great characterizations and lovely details. Every character is important in telling the story. There are no filler wordings or phrasings. Frog is a story of hope, desires, reassessment, and the gift of love and home.Highly Recommended.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-frog-by-mary-calmes/
Acrobat - Mary Calmes Have you notice in Mary Calmes’ books, the characters are getting older. Yay! For that. Older characters need love, too!Professor Nate Quells spends most of his life making other people happy and being what they need him to be to them. Take his ex-wife, Melissa. She and Nate have one incident of folly leaving her impregnated. They marry. They make a home for their child but sleep in separate bedrooms. They are best friends for life. Nate is very much involved in raising their son.Nate is and always has been gay. He later falls for Detective Duncan Stiel, who is so deep into the closet you need a tractor beam to pull him out. To be with Duncan means Nate will have to step into the closet with him. They will never demonstrate in public their affection for the other. Duncan’s friends think Nate is just a close friend. Duncan has never visited Nate at his home, having Nate meet him at his place. Nate loses a part of himself to secrecy. Melissa hates the Nate that is with Duncan. Then one day Duncan calls it quits.Almost two years later at the beginning of Acrobat, Nate is still feeling the rejection by Duncan. The quintessential Nate still exists, spreading himself out helping others but how he feels about forming relationships has changed. He is cautious. He wants a man to want him and be willing to be a part of him. He wants a man willing to stand up and claim him in every aspect.Andreo Fiore is the typical dangerous muscle for the mob. Under the facade of this intimidating 28 years old Italian, is a man with a plan. He wants out of the mob. As the uncle and guardian to Michael Fiore, Dreo decides Michael needs a good role model and that is his job. Dreo has been in love with Nate for four years. He wants to stand proudly with Nate by his side. The only way he can accomplish his goals is by changing what he does for a living.Sixteen years old, Michael Fiore looks to Nate as the perfect father figure. When his Uncle Dreo comes home in total shock, he naturally turns to Nate for help. And wow, everything Dreo has worked for and the things Nate have been looking for, begins to converge into a budding romance story of two improbable mates.Nate and Dreo are far apart in terms of social class and status. Unlike other stories, Acrobat does not address the difference. Nate is the reason why. He sees people. Superficial stuff like materiality, money, position, and power are of no concern of his. He sees the individuals as they are, and boy does he ever see Dreo for the first time even though they lived as neighbors for the past four years.My one niggle about the story, the romance doesn’t start until midway of the book. The readers will spend time reading about Nate’s life with his colleagues at the university. I feel some of the scenes could have been devoted to developing Nate and Dreo.Acrobat brings together handsome Alpha male, Dreo, who overwhelms Nate with hot, sexy, seduction. Caution blows out the window. Nate lets the force of Dreo take him over and right along with Nate, the readers will experience a delightful romance that has the signature of Mary Calmes excellent characterizations.Highly Recommended.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-acrobat-by-mary-calmes/
The Heart of the Jungle - Jeremy Pack Chris James’ life is in a terrible mess. Fate does have it in for him as the police close the murder case of his partner and daughter as unresolved. He lives alone in the seat of the crime with memories wrapped around him in misery. Depression and mental instability wait to strike and take him down. Not even his best friend, George, can pull Chris out of the deep funk he has been swimming in for the past ten months.The Heart of the Jungle is mostly an action packed murder mystery with the main characters following clues of Chris’ former partner, Michael Blake. Chris needs closure. He needs to confirm his partner, Michael, and his baby daughter are actually dead, as the police could never find the bodies.Fate obviously loves Chris but not of the good kind. The first meeting he has with Jason Kingsley, private investigator, goes terribly wrong. Jason is antagonistic, a presumptuous jerk, assumes Chris knows things about Michael. The only thing positive about their meeting is that Jason’s visit actually sparks Chris back to life with indignation.Jeremy Pack does a very good job packing in the suspense and keeping me reading along. Chris conversation with George, meetings with dubious characters, Jason getting beat up by a stranger, the attempted murders all build up into a suspenseful, tense story. Jason and Chris will travel from Seattle to Las Vegas keeping one-step ahead of a mysterious stalker tracking their movements. I love it when a book allows me to speculate on the whodunit.Little active romancing is shown in the story. Too much time is spent internalizing, ruminating on the other guy’s physical attributes. You know the kind – the color of the eyes, the attractive body… Realistically, Chris isn’t at a place to be involved with someone. Then the mystery does take up space, getting in the way of natural romantic progression. When they do come together, the jerk factor returns, makes me question whether these guys are right for each other.It’s natural to feel sympathy for Chris; after all, he suffered a great loss. I didn’t like Jason much. What I do love is how the author pulls Chris out of the doldrums to create a take-charge person. His decisions aren’t always smart. You can tell how naive Chris is and his choices beget unfavorable consequences, which add to the rising tension. The love Chris has for his daughter makes him strong. He wants answers. He wants closure. Chris will do anything to discover what happened to his baby girl.Jeremy Pack makes his debut into the writing world of M/M Romance and Mystery genres, hence, I will refer to as M/M Romantic Suspense. He does a wonderful job keeping me engaged to the narrative, drawing me into the suspenseful, tensed world of murder. I hope he will continue writing M/M Romantic Suspense. He has the skills to improve on and I for one will be looking forward to more books from this author. Recommended for the mystery thriller and a touch of romance.Book obtained from the publisher for an honest and fair review.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/05/review-the-heart-of-the-jungle-by-jeremy-pack/
Coming Home - M J O'Shea If ever there is story about redemption, Coming Home is it. Redemption doesn’t necessarily means the deserving party will receive some satisfaction watching the culprit brought down low. Nor will the redemption begin at the point where we think it should. Tally redemption starts long before he returns home. It starts the minute his father caused a scandal forcing Tally and his mother to leave home to save face. Everything Tally thought he was at that point in time, rich, spoiled, entitled, those elements of him became lost.Sometimes I wonder do the right character suffering due justice. It’s easy to blame Tally for his frat boy attitude. He was old enough to understand right and wrong. But things aren’t exactly black and white. There are underlying causes, and when those causes no longer exist, changes do occur. For what Tally did to Lex in their youth, though, it is truly unpardonable.Tally does pay. He paid during his time in Seattle. He pays when he comes back home. He will have to prove to the residents of Rock Bay he’s new person under the same skin. As luck would have it, Lex gives Tally a chance by hiring him although a part of him wander if he’s doing the right thing. Tally has no idea Lex was the one he bullied terribly in school.M.J. O’Shea creates well-drawn characters especially in Tally. His journey draws on sympathy and leaves a sense of justice. The relationship between Lex and Tally builds slowly as there are situations that must be addressed before they can move forward. Always there in Lex’s mind is the idea of the old Tally. Can he trust Tally with his heart and will he be around to the end.The book, Coming Home drags some in the storytelling. The pace, however, picks up when Tally faces his past with former classmates, increasing the tension, which force Tally and Lex into confrontation about the past.Coming Home is a wonderful read with nicely developed characters, a story touching on redemption, trust, past, and maturity. A book I would recommend to m/m romance readers and to others who might be interested in the sub-genre.
Priceless - Cat Grant Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?Reading Priceless, I didn’t know what to expect as many Rentboys stories I have read have this “urgency of survival” driving the narrative. The characters are in desperate situations and they need money like now so they can eat, live, acquire the basic needs some people take for granted.Wes Martin isn’t desperate in the same sense.What I remembered while reading Priceless, we aren’t dealing with the boys next door, paranormal characters, cowboys, or just the average Joe. These guys are Physicists. They think in the abstract, not quite like us mundane people.Take Wes for instance, he has to earn his degree at prestigious UC Berkley. It’s important to him. When school funding dries up because of economic downturn, he resorts to the only thing guarantee to fill his pocket with sufficient amount of money for tuition payment. Wes rents out his body for a fee.He could’ve easily gone back home to Indiana. He could’ve attended a college offering cheaper tuition cost. The driving motivation in Wes’ life is not Connor Morrison, professor, scientist, the pioneer of 3-D Optics. Wes has options and the fact he chooses to whore for funding says this Rentboy story is different and interesting.Despite his wealth and name recognition, Connor Morrison is the shy geeky professor who shuns socializing unless he’s in front of a class. He couldn’t even hold a decent conversation at his own birthday’s party something he could have well done without, until he meets Wes at the party, a beautiful young man making advances on him.The first meeting doesn’t pan out for Wes. He was, after all, there at the party for an ulterior motive. The second meeting finds Wes and Connor at a conference at a hotel, in which, Connor ends up as the keynote speaker. There are forces at work here. Wes is there to meet a commitment. Connor is there as the speaker but he hasn’t forgotten Wes. He insists Wes comport himself in a professional manner. Wes provides Connor with excellent organizational skills and boost Connor’s confidence. Professionalism goes out the window when these two intellectuals finally make it into the bedroom.I enjoy reading how they connect. They are really two peas in a pod. As two men with a mindset for the Physics, I feel the characterizations are right on target. When the night is over, Wes walks out of Connor’s life, refocusing his priority on getting the degree.The story concentrates a lot of detail on Wes. One of his customers will become obsessive, demeaning, and abusive. He insists Wes perform acts not of his experience. The story climax is great and we will get an HEA, but with the right amount of tension that makes reading Priceless just that much sweeter.Priceless is a lovely exploration into characters that may spend too much time thinking about science and less about their personal lives. Highly recommended.I received Priceless as an ARC from the publisher to provide an honest and fair review of the book.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/05/review-priceless-by-cat-grant/
False Start - Janey Chapel Author Janey Chapel writes a beautiful story of second chance in an economy of meaningful words and detail.Whit Jamison and Tucker Locke grow up in a small town. The Downtown is all of 4 blocks in length. A town small enough to grasp the residents living there either know each other or know of each other through talk and gossip. Although the author doesn’t hit the readers over the head, we become aware by implication that Tucker’s family probably is prominent members of the community. Tucker is popular, a track star, and has an image he must maintain. Yes, I’m drumming up excuses for Tucker’s behavior toward Whit.In his teens, Whit informs his parents he’s gay. Now, he was worried about his mother’s reaction, but his father tells him he’s figured out his son’s sexual orientation.I find it interesting the author doesn’t allow the readers access to Tucker’s parents thoughts and feelings. Everything we know about the parents Tucker tells us. So I have to assume his thoughts are accurate. This commentary is neither here or there, just something I noticed. Although, I think this execution is to demonstrate the ambiguous feelings Tucker have for himself are his problems and not feelings from outside forces. Perhaps, Tucker is his own worst enemy.The story told in False Start is not new in the M/M Romance. Boy denying gay tendencies, boy experiencing gayness in the dark and in secret, boy distancing himself from the boy he plays around with so no one would guess Tucker is gay. Small town, big mouth people. Janey Chapel’s writing, however, makes the idea refreshing and enjoyable. I love that Whit doesn’t fall into the emotional cesspool of betrayal. He suffers and then he moves on with his life after Tucker leaves town. Whit has yards of self-confidence. Though, I did wonder how long he would’ve been Tucker’s dirty little secret before frustration set in.Ten years is a long time of barely existing. Tucker’s journey actually draws me in and makes me feel sympathetic to his issues. I can’t even fathom living as he did in the story.False Start is a nicely paced, uncomplicated story of Tucker and second chances. It’s packed with the right amount of emotional without getting melodramatic. I enjoyed the retelling of the familiar trope in m/m romances.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/05/review-false-start-by-janey-chapel/
Angels and Airheads - Anne Brooke Ricky requires divine intervention to help him see what he want is there in front of him. Ricky is stubborn to the hilt and thinks of himself as unworthy. Determine to succeed where his fellow angels have failed, Madred, goes one step further literally showing Ricky his life with his best friend Jez.Sometimes we need help with pulling our heads outside of negative thinking. Perhaps, then, our dreams will come true. First, you must believe.Angels and Airheads is a short, endearing story of faith, hope, and love. I love how Anne Brooke incorporates faith in her stories and yes, I can do a happy dance. This is my first time reading a strong HEA from this author.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/04/review-angels-airheads-by-anne-brooke/
Trial of Honor: A Novel of a Court-Martial - David Norton Stone Rating 4.5The Trial of Honor – A Novel of a Court Martial is an intriguing novel that provokes thoughts on honor.James Drayton the leader of the secret group, Great Lovers, is dead at the setting of the story. He dies in the explosion on the carrier, Determination. An incident the Chinese pokes fun at, laughing at the incompetence of one of the US greatest military services. From the event and I imagine the need of the Navy to repudiate mockery by the Chinese and possibly worldviews negative imagery of US military might, an improbable court trial takes place. It appears as a trial of guilt by association because Officer James Drayton violates naval protocol when discovered at the explosion. Drayton’s reputation and those of his group become questionable and therefore, they become suspects in the cause of the explosion.James Drayton is a well-drawn character, fascinating in his ideas and youthful beliefs that he could improve on the traditions of the Navy. Those ideas are idealistic and thought provoking. The novel lays out the details reminding me of the movie, “A Few Good Men”, which has been airing on the television this past week. A question becomes when do personal beliefs cross the line of navy traditions. Should we allow the nature of a person determine their worthiness. What is the cost of maintaining old traditions measured against the future and the changing world? Should the military allow a certain amount of individual autonomy for progression into the future?Ironically, the story depicts something far greater than the typical thriller of who done it. The explosion is simply the catalyst for the readers to become engage in the story, to promote the desire to search out the nuances of empathy, love for people and country, patriotism, achievement, and the willingness to question existing values and attitudes.I love this story. It makes me want to seek out novels outside of my usual reading fare. The ending was surprising and all the pieces fell in place. The author does a wonderful job of putting the Navy on trial. Highly RecommendedOriginally posted to Trial of Honor Review

Brook Street: Thief

Thief - Ava March Rating 3.5 starsBrook Street Thief is a sweet, endearing, uncomplicated romance novel. Lord Benjamin and Cavin are well suited together despite the difference in social class. Benjamin is easy going and a genuine nice man of the aristocracy. His nature makes it believable he could accept Cavin as his partner. Cavin realizes Benjamin is someone special. His life as a thief and whore come tumbling down on him, conjuring up self-deprecating thoughts of how he could never be with someone like Benjamin. The tension rises as Benjamin tries to persuade Cavin to be with him, and Cavin does what is necessary to avoid Benjamin. If good intentions are better to serve his needs, then Cavin re-evaluating his life is something positive. Maybe he can become worthy of Benjamin.The writing keeps the readers anchored in the Regency time era with wording such as “unnatural”, the way people back then express homosexuality. The story flowed easily through Benjamin and Cavin’s narratives. Brook Street Thief is a good story and kept me interested. I do confess to enjoying stories with deeper complex characterizations and complicated story resolution. The situation with Hale, Cavin’s 19th century pimp, resolves too easily for my taste. Recommended to m/m romance readers.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/04/review-brook-street-thief-by-ava-march/

Moonlight Becomes You (Lucky Moon)

Moonlight Becomes You  - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea

Shane has never forgotten Jesse. Shane has been unhappy with his life; has not ever fallen in love with another person. He needs closure with Jesse even though he doesn’t realize it.Then suddenly all of this change when he meets lead singer, Kayden Berlin of Moonlight. Moonlight is world famous more so than Luck. Their lead singer, Kayden is absolutely dropped dead gorgeous. Shane becomes enthralled to Kayden, pursues Kayden bordering on obsession. Tries to break through the man’s cold exterior wanting to get to know why Kayden has such disdain for him and his brother, Nicky.Jesse who? The thoughts of his former love falls to the background as Shane and Kayden play the game of the cat chasing the mouse, except, of course, there’s nothing mousy about Kayden. They have this one night of blissful lovemaking. Shane wakes up expecting to reach over, to rekindle the feelings of the previous night. Kayden is gone. Shane feels the rejection, but he’s not sure until later before they go on stage to perform, the coldness of Kayden’s eyes and attention.Payback can rather be a bitch and come in all shapes and forms, from unsuspecting places.I love, love this story. Told in alternating present time and flashbacks until the story evolve to the pinnacle of the plot arc when Shane finally thinks he has found the love of his life, replacing what was lost with Jesse.The premise may seem over top, may require a suspension in disbelief. Don’t think it for one second. Today, people do extraordinary things to make a point, to make their selves feel better. The details of this story based on realism. I can relate to a certain point.The writing is clear and easy to read. The story pace moves long quickly but with depth. On an occasion, I felt the writing dissolving into melodrama. But always the story stays focused on Shane and Kayden with no other major conflict interfering. Moonlight Becomes You is definitely a romance story, entertaining and fun to read, just downright enjoyable.I want to re-read it. Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com

Mine - Mary Calmes The thing that catches my breath and makes me gasp in wonder is the utter need and love Trevan and Landry have for each other. This story actually makes me worry, makes me a little scare. The idea if they ever depart permanently gives me the shivers.Mary Calmes has yet again drawn on her trademark skills in creating extraordinary characters. Trevan and Landry are not your typical men next door. They are perfectly flawed. What I find remarkable is Trevan traveling on the road of light criminal activities and yet still be this man who gives everything he has, heart and soul, to Landry who he loves utterly and completely.There are other reviews focusing on the Landry and Trevan’s relationship. You can check them out at Goodreads. I do adore Landry. He lights up Trevan, gives him purpose, completes him. But, Trevan, gosh, he is a fascinating character. (1) There is innate goodness in Trevan. I see why Landry becomes insanely jealous when men and women touch Trevan. (2) Modest and Charming. Trevan revels in Landry’s beauty, his ability to captivate people with his lively and extroverted communication style. Trevan personality is the opposite of Landry, but people are just as captivated by his mannerisms. The beauty is he does not know how smooth and charming he is. Never dwells on the influence he has on other people such as Landry’s family. Trevan is just is. (3) He is a son who lets the teachings of a dead father continue to guide him. (4) Who else can have a cold-blooded, hit man as a friend? Conrad Harris is Trevan’s shadow and protector. When Conrad gets the urge to snap Trevan’s neck, he walks away. The thing is Trevan knows this and he shrugs it off as something that is. (5) He loves his mother to pieces. His entire family loves him and Landry. Trevan draws his strength of character from his family. (6) Smart, strong perception, good instincts. Trevan is not book smart but common sense and street smart. Amazingly, he is honest given his job description. He is a natural leader who simply gets things done. Has this gift of perceiving people and their needs. Landry has benefitted from it. Others are affected by it.The plot actions in Mine involve Landry’s kidnapping and a coup d’état in the illegal gambling operation. These actions frame the real story that is Trevan and Landry evolving relationship. Readers may experience thoughts on family, class status, good and bad, light and dark, fathers, co-dependency, and the meaning of unconditional love. Mary Calmes continues to enchant the readers with this new book. I enjoyed reading it immensely. Love the book cover. Highly recommended.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com
The Luckiest - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea Rating: 4.5The Luckiest, 2nd installment in the Lucky Moon series by authors, M.J. O’Shea and Piper Vaughn, focuses on Nicky Ventura, the egotistical, self-centered bassist to the Luck Band and brother to lead singer, Shane Ventura.The authors did a fantastic job developing well-rounded characterizations as I feel this aspect of storytelling was missing in Moonlight Becomes You. In this installment we get a broader sense of the character, delve deeper in the emotional landscape of Nick Ventura. I was completely engaged in reading the story, doing an internal debate on whether I liked him or not.What I love about this installment is how the story strips Nicky of all of his devices, drugs, alcohol, groupies, and fans, down to his bare soul. Lays him out flat, and leaves him floundering in a sea of bleak white walls to stand alone for the first time ever. Shane is off with his husband, Jesse. Nick losing Shane is losing a mother, a father, and a brother. A court-ordered Rehab program is just the right place for Nicky.With newly found clarity and lucidity, Nick rides the waves of emotional upheavals. He brings his chip on the shoulder attitude with him, looking down at the people in group therapy. The questionnaire he completes for the therapist was a riot. The answers are hilarious and so sad, and highlight how much Nicky depends on Shane.Lucidity also reveals the side of Nicky I am sure no one is aware of except Luka, the nutritionist who befriends Nick and then falls in love with him. We learn the extent of the mother’s abandonment and the father’s abusive behavior. Under the bravado is an insecure man who is afraid of whom he is when not performing on stage. He gives what he thinks people wants by suppressing his true self.Luka is just perfect for Nicky, tough, opinionated, willing to listen, and give support.The relationship between these two is anything but calm. Hot one minute, cold the next, Nicky does something stupid and Luka is walking away. The readers will experience confrontations of misunderstanding, distrust, Nicky struggling with his identity as a rock star and as Luka’s lover. The sexual encounters, though, are hot and steamy; Luka is quite the sexy, dirty talker in bed.I have to say this and it is only a matter of opinion. I do not think Nicky hates Jesse as much as he thinks; rather Nick would dislike anyone who takes Shane away from him.The one aspect of the story I frown on. Not once does Nicky revert to using drugs and alcohol. As a long time user, this part of the story seems unrealistic.I immensely enjoyed reading The Luckiest. Of the two books, The Luckiest is better written and the characters including the minor ones, more engaging. And, yes, I ended up liking Nicky a lot. Highly recommended.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com

Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke - L.A. Witt Review archived:http://twlibreviews.com/2012/03/review-where-theres-smoke-by-l-a-witt/
Scar Tissue - G.L. Roberts Review archived:http://twlibreviews.com/2012/04/review-scar-tissue-by-gl-roberts/
Forged in Fire - Trish McCallan In Trish McCallan’s Forged in Fire, the author delivers a sit on the edge of your seat, nail biting, fast-paced, romantic suspense with a twist of paranormal element.I absolutely loved reading Forged in Fire. Perhaps it is because it has been many moons since the last time I have read a romantic story of strictly the heterosexual type. I guess I will have to revise my review policy to include all romances. Anyway, I could not put down the story. I love intrigue. I love fast-paced, action adventure stories. I love reading about military men and Navy SEALS are hot. What I really enjoyed the most is Beth Brown. She is no simpering damsel in distress. She can definitely carry her weight against the Alpha males, especially Zane’s boss, Mac.Full review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com
Fall Into the Sun - Val Kovalin Sometimes a girl just gotta have her pure romantic story.I love, love Fall In the Sun for just that reason. No other sub-genres involved. Pure, sweet, hot romance. Two gorgeous guys on the cover.A full review will come later.