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A Matter of Time, Vol. 1 (#1-2) - Mary Calmes What I love about this book is the superb dialogue. It worked really well with Jory and the dialogue gave us great insight into Jory as the character. The second thing I love about this book is Jory. What an upbeat character he is. It isn't often, as a reader, you meet a person who continually wore rose-colored glasses and refuses to let negativity pull him down either into depression or into darkside of nature. Jory is giving, compassionate, supportive, and simply has a lot of love to give. He's flawed as well. He drinks too much, slut around too much, and he tends to jump up and do without thinking through his decisions. Because Jory is who he is, in the first scene we found him in a cab riding to a Chicago suburb to retrieve a cat for a friend. The friend has left her abusive husband. She leaves the cat at home so not to arouse her husband's suspicion that she has left him. Apparently, the cat and friend are glued to the hip. It should have been a simple request. Right. First Jory has this problem of zoning out on people's conversations. He may not always hear all the details and generally catches the end of the conversation. His mind tends to dwell on other things as people are talking to him. He doesn't always remember simple details like an address. So the cab driver spends a considerable amount of time locating Jory's friend home. There is also the problem of the husband. I have no idea what Jory expected to do if he ran into the husband while getting the cat. But no worries, right. Jory doesn't confront the husband head on. What happens is that Jory witness the husband murdering someone. How Jory gets out of the house had me laughing on the floor. He runs straight into the arms of Sam Kage, Detective, whose team of cops had the house surrounded.Hello Sam Kage meets Jory Keyes.A Matter of Time is primarily a story about Jory Keyes and his relationship with people in general, but mostly about Sam and Dane. Sam Kage is a straight cop who is a manly man, tall, and gorgeous. He is what one would think of as a typical cop with a typical cop attitude. He thinks Jory is an idiot and is stupid during interrogation. He becomes fascinated by Jory and he flips to the darkside of sexual orientation. He virtually stalks Jory to keep him out of trouble. The husband orders a hit on Jory to keep him from testifying. Jory refuses the witness protection program. The stalking is more than just Sam doing the job as a cop. When these two finally come together, it's hot and steamy and Sam will surprise you.Dane Harcourt is Jory's boss. Jory being who he is, the boss really like Jory. Actually, I had wondered which guy I would choose for Jory. Should it be Dane or Sam? The author setup Dane in an interesting relationship with Jory that is satisfying and yet keep Sam and Jory's story front and center.Overall, A Matter of Time is a fun read, hilarious and wonderful. Jory will make you shake your head at his decision making process. Sam calls Jory a "pain in the ass." I agree. There are four books in the series.