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Moonlight Becomes You  - Piper Vaughn, M.J. O'Shea

Shane has never forgotten Jesse. Shane has been unhappy with his life; has not ever fallen in love with another person. He needs closure with Jesse even though he doesn’t realize it.Then suddenly all of this change when he meets lead singer, Kayden Berlin of Moonlight. Moonlight is world famous more so than Luck. Their lead singer, Kayden is absolutely dropped dead gorgeous. Shane becomes enthralled to Kayden, pursues Kayden bordering on obsession. Tries to break through the man’s cold exterior wanting to get to know why Kayden has such disdain for him and his brother, Nicky.Jesse who? The thoughts of his former love falls to the background as Shane and Kayden play the game of the cat chasing the mouse, except, of course, there’s nothing mousy about Kayden. They have this one night of blissful lovemaking. Shane wakes up expecting to reach over, to rekindle the feelings of the previous night. Kayden is gone. Shane feels the rejection, but he’s not sure until later before they go on stage to perform, the coldness of Kayden’s eyes and attention.Payback can rather be a bitch and come in all shapes and forms, from unsuspecting places.I love, love this story. Told in alternating present time and flashbacks until the story evolve to the pinnacle of the plot arc when Shane finally thinks he has found the love of his life, replacing what was lost with Jesse.The premise may seem over top, may require a suspension in disbelief. Don’t think it for one second. Today, people do extraordinary things to make a point, to make their selves feel better. The details of this story based on realism. I can relate to a certain point.The writing is clear and easy to read. The story pace moves long quickly but with depth. On an occasion, I felt the writing dissolving into melodrama. But always the story stays focused on Shane and Kayden with no other major conflict interfering. Moonlight Becomes You is definitely a romance story, entertaining and fun to read, just downright enjoyable.I want to re-read it. Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com