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Thief - Ava March Rating 3.5 starsBrook Street Thief is a sweet, endearing, uncomplicated romance novel. Lord Benjamin and Cavin are well suited together despite the difference in social class. Benjamin is easy going and a genuine nice man of the aristocracy. His nature makes it believable he could accept Cavin as his partner. Cavin realizes Benjamin is someone special. His life as a thief and whore come tumbling down on him, conjuring up self-deprecating thoughts of how he could never be with someone like Benjamin. The tension rises as Benjamin tries to persuade Cavin to be with him, and Cavin does what is necessary to avoid Benjamin. If good intentions are better to serve his needs, then Cavin re-evaluating his life is something positive. Maybe he can become worthy of Benjamin.The writing keeps the readers anchored in the Regency time era with wording such as “unnatural”, the way people back then express homosexuality. The story flowed easily through Benjamin and Cavin’s narratives. Brook Street Thief is a good story and kept me interested. I do confess to enjoying stories with deeper complex characterizations and complicated story resolution. The situation with Hale, Cavin’s 19th century pimp, resolves too easily for my taste. Recommended to m/m romance readers.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/04/review-brook-street-thief-by-ava-march/