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Fires Of Ballian - M.L. Rhodes Fires of Ballian continues the saga of Gaige and Feiran with interesting twists. Gaige struggles with accepting the news of his birth and familial history. He also cannot envision his place besides Keiran, his mate, and as one of the Draegan Lords.The author maintains the continuity from previous books in the series, focusing on developing the character, Gaige Rizik, who learns more about his heritage. The information is good. He’s more than just the former captain of Byram’s High Guard. Yet, Gaige cannot forget his former actions against the Draegans or humans. He slowly loses himself of what sustained him as the Captain of the High Guard.As events sped along and with the lost of his mate to “Death,” Gaige will be forced to draw on his internal strength and skills as a leader. He will have choices and how he makes decisions will determine the future of his new home and lover.If you are interested in a well-paced book without complicated character and plot developments, this is the book for you. The scenes between Gaige and Keiran are hot, sexy, and endearing. I smiled at the riff-off of the Elves. Death as the antagonist was on the cheesy side.