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I might have a current fascination for M/M Romance, but I do read across genres, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, History, Contemporary, Murder Mysteries, Thrillers, and those other romance novels. 

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rating: 4.5 starsThe moment I began reading the thoughts of an unnamed narrator in the first chapter, I was hooked on Closet. The suspense and tension kept me glued to the book until I finished in one reading. The story is focused on the mysterious killer and Todd who comes under more suspicion as a second murder will take place. We get glimpses of Todd and Michael time together through Todd’s internal thinking. We learn how much they mean to each other and what a fool Todd was. The romance is secondary to the main plot and have Detective Steve Rawlins and Todd giving into the UST.Full Review: http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-closet-by-r-d-zimmerman/