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I Spy Something Wicked (I Spy, #2) - Josh Lanyon A sequel to I Spy Something BloodyWhile reading the story I was getting disturbed. What the Old Man wanted Mark to do was utterly suicidal and extremely selfish. I thought this issue would have come up in the first story, I Spy Something Bloody. I waited for the repercussion of Mark’s decision to leave the service in that story but no, he was let off easy enough. It crops up in I Spy Something Wicked.The Old Man’s political career is falling in shambles. A former colleague request Mark to perform one more spy job to help out the Old Man. Mark promised Stephen he’s out of the spy business for good. Now Mark is left with making a horrific decision. He feels the weight of obligation and loyalty. The fear of once again he may lose Stephen. If he takes the job, he knows his survival rate is next to nothing. The story explores Mark as he’s coming to this decision, while he views his current life with Stephen, reflects on the past, reacts strangely as fear inches it way to the surface. He is a man not quite settle in a civilian lifestyle. He has never experience normal life since leaving the university and being recruited by the Old Man at the tender age of nineteen. He is uncertain on just about everything including Stephen. He’s reluctant to tell Stephen about the request from his former boss and ex-lover. The author handles the characterizations wonderfully. Not once is the story boring. The dialogue is sharp. There is humor. We even get some fight action as the story unfolds in a slice of life. And there is the beauty of Stephen who soon realizes something is very wrong with Mark.