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Coming Home - M J O'Shea If ever there is story about redemption, Coming Home is it. Redemption doesn’t necessarily means the deserving party will receive some satisfaction watching the culprit brought down low. Nor will the redemption begin at the point where we think it should. Tally redemption starts long before he returns home. It starts the minute his father caused a scandal forcing Tally and his mother to leave home to save face. Everything Tally thought he was at that point in time, rich, spoiled, entitled, those elements of him became lost.Sometimes I wonder do the right character suffering due justice. It’s easy to blame Tally for his frat boy attitude. He was old enough to understand right and wrong. But things aren’t exactly black and white. There are underlying causes, and when those causes no longer exist, changes do occur. For what Tally did to Lex in their youth, though, it is truly unpardonable.Tally does pay. He paid during his time in Seattle. He pays when he comes back home. He will have to prove to the residents of Rock Bay he’s new person under the same skin. As luck would have it, Lex gives Tally a chance by hiring him although a part of him wander if he’s doing the right thing. Tally has no idea Lex was the one he bullied terribly in school.M.J. O’Shea creates well-drawn characters especially in Tally. His journey draws on sympathy and leaves a sense of justice. The relationship between Lex and Tally builds slowly as there are situations that must be addressed before they can move forward. Always there in Lex’s mind is the idea of the old Tally. Can he trust Tally with his heart and will he be around to the end.The book, Coming Home drags some in the storytelling. The pace, however, picks up when Tally faces his past with former classmates, increasing the tension, which force Tally and Lex into confrontation about the past.Coming Home is a wonderful read with nicely developed characters, a story touching on redemption, trust, past, and maturity. A book I would recommend to m/m romance readers and to others who might be interested in the sub-genre.