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Priceless - Cat Grant Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?Reading Priceless, I didn’t know what to expect as many Rentboys stories I have read have this “urgency of survival” driving the narrative. The characters are in desperate situations and they need money like now so they can eat, live, acquire the basic needs some people take for granted.Wes Martin isn’t desperate in the same sense.What I remembered while reading Priceless, we aren’t dealing with the boys next door, paranormal characters, cowboys, or just the average Joe. These guys are Physicists. They think in the abstract, not quite like us mundane people.Take Wes for instance, he has to earn his degree at prestigious UC Berkley. It’s important to him. When school funding dries up because of economic downturn, he resorts to the only thing guarantee to fill his pocket with sufficient amount of money for tuition payment. Wes rents out his body for a fee.He could’ve easily gone back home to Indiana. He could’ve attended a college offering cheaper tuition cost. The driving motivation in Wes’ life is not Connor Morrison, professor, scientist, the pioneer of 3-D Optics. Wes has options and the fact he chooses to whore for funding says this Rentboy story is different and interesting.Despite his wealth and name recognition, Connor Morrison is the shy geeky professor who shuns socializing unless he’s in front of a class. He couldn’t even hold a decent conversation at his own birthday’s party something he could have well done without, until he meets Wes at the party, a beautiful young man making advances on him.The first meeting doesn’t pan out for Wes. He was, after all, there at the party for an ulterior motive. The second meeting finds Wes and Connor at a conference at a hotel, in which, Connor ends up as the keynote speaker. There are forces at work here. Wes is there to meet a commitment. Connor is there as the speaker but he hasn’t forgotten Wes. He insists Wes comport himself in a professional manner. Wes provides Connor with excellent organizational skills and boost Connor’s confidence. Professionalism goes out the window when these two intellectuals finally make it into the bedroom.I enjoy reading how they connect. They are really two peas in a pod. As two men with a mindset for the Physics, I feel the characterizations are right on target. When the night is over, Wes walks out of Connor’s life, refocusing his priority on getting the degree.The story concentrates a lot of detail on Wes. One of his customers will become obsessive, demeaning, and abusive. He insists Wes perform acts not of his experience. The story climax is great and we will get an HEA, but with the right amount of tension that makes reading Priceless just that much sweeter.Priceless is a lovely exploration into characters that may spend too much time thinking about science and less about their personal lives. Highly recommended.I received Priceless as an ARC from the publisher to provide an honest and fair review of the book.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/05/review-priceless-by-cat-grant/