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False Start - Janey Chapel Author Janey Chapel writes a beautiful story of second chance in an economy of meaningful words and detail.Whit Jamison and Tucker Locke grow up in a small town. The Downtown is all of 4 blocks in length. A town small enough to grasp the residents living there either know each other or know of each other through talk and gossip. Although the author doesn’t hit the readers over the head, we become aware by implication that Tucker’s family probably is prominent members of the community. Tucker is popular, a track star, and has an image he must maintain. Yes, I’m drumming up excuses for Tucker’s behavior toward Whit.In his teens, Whit informs his parents he’s gay. Now, he was worried about his mother’s reaction, but his father tells him he’s figured out his son’s sexual orientation.I find it interesting the author doesn’t allow the readers access to Tucker’s parents thoughts and feelings. Everything we know about the parents Tucker tells us. So I have to assume his thoughts are accurate. This commentary is neither here or there, just something I noticed. Although, I think this execution is to demonstrate the ambiguous feelings Tucker have for himself are his problems and not feelings from outside forces. Perhaps, Tucker is his own worst enemy.The story told in False Start is not new in the M/M Romance. Boy denying gay tendencies, boy experiencing gayness in the dark and in secret, boy distancing himself from the boy he plays around with so no one would guess Tucker is gay. Small town, big mouth people. Janey Chapel’s writing, however, makes the idea refreshing and enjoyable. I love that Whit doesn’t fall into the emotional cesspool of betrayal. He suffers and then he moves on with his life after Tucker leaves town. Whit has yards of self-confidence. Though, I did wonder how long he would’ve been Tucker’s dirty little secret before frustration set in.Ten years is a long time of barely existing. Tucker’s journey actually draws me in and makes me feel sympathetic to his issues. I can’t even fathom living as he did in the story.False Start is a nicely paced, uncomplicated story of Tucker and second chances. It’s packed with the right amount of emotional without getting melodramatic. I enjoyed the retelling of the familiar trope in m/m romances.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/05/review-false-start-by-janey-chapel/