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Angels and Airheads - Anne Brooke Ricky requires divine intervention to help him see what he want is there in front of him. Ricky is stubborn to the hilt and thinks of himself as unworthy. Determine to succeed where his fellow angels have failed, Madred, goes one step further literally showing Ricky his life with his best friend Jez.Sometimes we need help with pulling our heads outside of negative thinking. Perhaps, then, our dreams will come true. First, you must believe.Angels and Airheads is a short, endearing story of faith, hope, and love. I love how Anne Brooke incorporates faith in her stories and yes, I can do a happy dance. This is my first time reading a strong HEA from this author.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/04/review-angels-airheads-by-anne-brooke/