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Trial of Honor: A Novel of a Court-Martial - David Norton Stone Rating 4.5The Trial of Honor – A Novel of a Court Martial is an intriguing novel that provokes thoughts on honor.James Drayton the leader of the secret group, Great Lovers, is dead at the setting of the story. He dies in the explosion on the carrier, Determination. An incident the Chinese pokes fun at, laughing at the incompetence of one of the US greatest military services. From the event and I imagine the need of the Navy to repudiate mockery by the Chinese and possibly worldviews negative imagery of US military might, an improbable court trial takes place. It appears as a trial of guilt by association because Officer James Drayton violates naval protocol when discovered at the explosion. Drayton’s reputation and those of his group become questionable and therefore, they become suspects in the cause of the explosion.James Drayton is a well-drawn character, fascinating in his ideas and youthful beliefs that he could improve on the traditions of the Navy. Those ideas are idealistic and thought provoking. The novel lays out the details reminding me of the movie, “A Few Good Men”, which has been airing on the television this past week. A question becomes when do personal beliefs cross the line of navy traditions. Should we allow the nature of a person determine their worthiness. What is the cost of maintaining old traditions measured against the future and the changing world? Should the military allow a certain amount of individual autonomy for progression into the future?Ironically, the story depicts something far greater than the typical thriller of who done it. The explosion is simply the catalyst for the readers to become engage in the story, to promote the desire to search out the nuances of empathy, love for people and country, patriotism, achievement, and the willingness to question existing values and attitudes.I love this story. It makes me want to seek out novels outside of my usual reading fare. The ending was surprising and all the pieces fell in place. The author does a wonderful job of putting the Navy on trial. Highly RecommendedOriginally posted to Trial of Honor Review