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Mine - Mary Calmes The thing that catches my breath and makes me gasp in wonder is the utter need and love Trevan and Landry have for each other. This story actually makes me worry, makes me a little scare. The idea if they ever depart permanently gives me the shivers.Mary Calmes has yet again drawn on her trademark skills in creating extraordinary characters. Trevan and Landry are not your typical men next door. They are perfectly flawed. What I find remarkable is Trevan traveling on the road of light criminal activities and yet still be this man who gives everything he has, heart and soul, to Landry who he loves utterly and completely.There are other reviews focusing on the Landry and Trevan’s relationship. You can check them out at Goodreads. I do adore Landry. He lights up Trevan, gives him purpose, completes him. But, Trevan, gosh, he is a fascinating character. (1) There is innate goodness in Trevan. I see why Landry becomes insanely jealous when men and women touch Trevan. (2) Modest and Charming. Trevan revels in Landry’s beauty, his ability to captivate people with his lively and extroverted communication style. Trevan personality is the opposite of Landry, but people are just as captivated by his mannerisms. The beauty is he does not know how smooth and charming he is. Never dwells on the influence he has on other people such as Landry’s family. Trevan is just is. (3) He is a son who lets the teachings of a dead father continue to guide him. (4) Who else can have a cold-blooded, hit man as a friend? Conrad Harris is Trevan’s shadow and protector. When Conrad gets the urge to snap Trevan’s neck, he walks away. The thing is Trevan knows this and he shrugs it off as something that is. (5) He loves his mother to pieces. His entire family loves him and Landry. Trevan draws his strength of character from his family. (6) Smart, strong perception, good instincts. Trevan is not book smart but common sense and street smart. Amazingly, he is honest given his job description. He is a natural leader who simply gets things done. Has this gift of perceiving people and their needs. Landry has benefitted from it. Others are affected by it.The plot actions in Mine involve Landry’s kidnapping and a coup d’état in the illegal gambling operation. These actions frame the real story that is Trevan and Landry evolving relationship. Readers may experience thoughts on family, class status, good and bad, light and dark, fathers, co-dependency, and the meaning of unconditional love. Mary Calmes continues to enchant the readers with this new book. I enjoyed reading it immensely. Love the book cover. Highly recommended.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com