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Sunset: Pact Arcanum: Book One - Arshad Ahsanuddin Rating 4.5I fell in love with this series and the story characters. Sunset is of epic nature, and shares elements in fantasy, science fiction, vampire mythos, and m/m romance. It's a must read.Edited to upload the entire review. I think it's a bit long winded but there you go.In the year 2040, Nick Jameson breaks an Armistice rule of noninterference with the human world when he outwits a terrorist group from setting off a nuclear bomb at a celebrity event in Los Angeles. Nick, a daywalker, discovers Jeremy, terrorist, is a latent Sentinel. As he complies with an Armistice rule, Nick unintentionally exposed the existence of vampires to the human race. The details captured rather nicely on the television. Exposure will affect humans, vampires, and sentinels across the world. The Triumvirate, the leaders of the free people and creators of the Armistice, will create a new position for Nick as the Ambassador to Humanity to soothe the relationships between humans and meta-humans. Not all parties will be in favor of this new position. Humans will seek to find ways to destroy the vampire society which includes Daywalkers (with a soul,) Nightwalkers (without a soul,) and the Sentinels (engineered from birth to destroy all Nightwalkers.) The Court of Shadows (Nightwalkers) despises the Armistice treaty and its creators, the Triumvirate. They will want revenge for Nick’s betrayal. Will use Nick’s incident to take back power and control and gain back the total freedom to do what is natural for all Nightwalkers, prey on human life.When the author requested a review of Sunset, I asked one important question. Will there be bloodletting and gore? I don’t read stories with mutilations, missing body parts, and scary monsters doing the deed. He must have thought I was one silly woman. I can understand why. Nothing is in this book of what I had expected. What I read is wonderful, heart pounding, complex, well-written, mostly well-developed characters. A feat in of itself as Sunset pools a plethora of characters. I’m really amazed at how the author keeps track of all of the characters. Kudos!I’m impressed at the first scene where the action begins. The fast pace keeps me riveted in my seat eating up the words in my head. Tension is high. Nick appears suddenly out of nowhere. Medusa, the evil woman and leader of the terrorists, wants to explode the nuclear bomb if her demands aren’t met. Jeremy is off on the side being the devoted and loyal terrorist. And me, I’m getting excited wanting to rush to the end of the chapter so I can find out who are these people. I love it when a book keeps me this engaged. It’s a sign of good writing, incrementally raising the level of suspense, encouraging the readers to keep marching on.The second thing that impressed me is the number of genres the author uses to tell the story. Science Fiction, Fantasy, M/M Romance, Vampire Mythos, and M/F Romance shape the narrative of Sunset. Nick is gay, a daywalker, and his gayness is not an issue among friends and family. If anything, his family becomes quite upset when they discover he is in fact a daywalker. Mostly because he hid the secret for many years and it takes a public outing for the family to learn Nick is a vampire.The story setting is intricate and fascinating, set primarily in North America but visits European countries as well as outer space. The romance is tastefully done, offering non-explicit details allowing non-m/m romance readers opportunity to read without feeling uncomfortable. The author provides good details on the technology touching on aspects such as jumpdrive, recursion drive, teleportation and a citadel in space.All roads lead to Nick Jameson as he serves as the central character. He has a tough job soothing the humans. Humans had been blissfully unaware of the extensive vampire society until Nick, forced to reveal their existence, blows the lid off, and almost get himself executed for his action.Nick’s characterization is well rounded, perfectly flawed. The readers will experience his range of emotions, from joy, sadness, anger, and the weight of responsibility he must carry. Sometimes he acts rather stupidly. The whole love and romance thing is a difficult proposition for him, because Nick has been suffering unrequited love.The cast of vampires and sentinels are enjoyable. It almost feels as though they are humans until they do something extraordinary. And let’s not forget the evil vampires. Not all of them are painted in the shade of darkness.The story is not without flaws. Too many people fall in love with Nick, which seems unrealistic to me. Maybe, it’s a vampire thing. The story doesn’t delve deeply enough into the backgrounds of the main characters. Some of the descriptions of action are a bit confusing.Arshad Ahsanuddin’s Sunset is an extraordinary story that will keep you riveted to your seat. The author put in a massive effort to bring the story alive. I highly recommend this story to all readers interested in reading the vampire mythos in a different context.This review was prepared at the request of the author.Original review located at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/02/review-sunset-arshad-ahsanuddin/