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If It Ain't Love - Tamara Allen Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.comWhit Stoddard, a Times reporter is one of the lucky ones in that he has a small resource. When I read how the editor loan him $5.00 and then later $1.00, I was shocked at the dollar amount. Who can lives off such paltry figures? I realized I’m reading a story about the depression era.“Whit smoothed the crumpled bill, folded it, then eased it securely into his vest pocket. Some of the dollar would have to be spared for a bed. He wasn't sleeping in a doorway again, if he could help it.”The language the author uses to draw out the true purpose for Peter’s visit to the flophouse is gorgeous, subtle, and understated. Men of gay orientation didn’t do public announcement or engage in flirtation as they happen today. Back then, they risk arrestment by the law as sexual deviants. I love how the author incorporates these social mannerisms in her story adding authenticity to the narrative. What starts out as an interlude for human contact, transforms into something wonderful in the development of character and storyline. Whit finds himself no longer interested in writing the human story, being surrounded by suffering and depression, adult men crying tears waiting for food, people prepared to fight for their place in the bread line. Who wants to read this kind of news in the newspaper? The people are living it every day. Peter is trying to survive the backlash of his father’s terrible deeds, those of the wealthy. He knows a different story than the public. He knows a father’s love. A love, which guides and shapes him as the man he is when he meets Whit. Tamara Allen’s “If It Ain’t Love” is a story of hope, a growing mm romance, and the love for the community. The narrative is evocative, heartbreaking, warm, and sensual without the use of explicit wording. I felt pulled into this universe from descriptions of great imagery. I admire the sparse use of language giving this short story the feel of a complete novel. If It Ain’t Love is perfect for holiday reading and is recommended for m/m romance readers who enjoy a historical setting. The writing is exquisite with strong attention to details.