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Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2) - K.A. Mitchell rating 4.5 Full review posted at http://twlibreviews.comBad Boyfriend was so much fun reading. I took a liking to Eli. I tend to favor characters that have the grit to rise above sad circumstances and make do as best as they can. How they end up may not always be the best choices. Occasionally they may skirt the fine line between the good and the bad. Eli makes absolutely no apology for the way he is. Eli is a tough scrapper, snarky, defensive, contrary enough to drive Quinn crazy.He actually reminds me of kid I met once. Gay and physically abused by his father, this guy is small and very femme. The kid’s verbal skills could rip a person apart. He also had a boyfriend, tall, hulking and very, very manly. The gaydar bounces right off his body but the boyfriend is like putty in this kid hand.The dialogue and action from Eli keeps the tension high, energetic, and fun. He’s a man who has a comment for every situation even if the comment doesn’t make sense. He does things at a whim. Quinn who is used to the quietness of Peter, used to hiding, Eli’s injection into his life pushes him way out of his comfort zone. A zone that has him aging and predictable. They are emotionally different as night and day, and what drive them comes from a difference place. Ironically, though, what Eli and Quinn want is the same at the end. It’s a matter of whether they will recognize the same need in each other. The one quibble I have is the way the story ended. For all the buildup in the family drama, Peter deserved an emotional dramatic ending that would have left me quite satisfied. What I felt though was anti-climactic and I blame that on how the events evolved in the book seem a little of order. I do recommend this book for fun reading, entertainment, and good way to escape a stressful day. M/M Romance readers should enjoy this book.