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Three to Get Ready - Tere Michaels Rating 3.8If you are familiar with Tere Michaels’ Faith and Fidelity series, just know Three To Get Ready is a complete departure of those books in structure and content. M/M Romance is part of the ongoing story, however, the m/m is mixed with a dominatrix female. The book falls into the in the Erotica M/F/M category.Normally, I don’t read in this category. The too few books I’ve read just didn’t do it for me. The last book lacked good characterization and understanding of the protagonist.Tere Michaels does a great job in convincing me a threesome could work even though this category will never be my favorite. Because I am a curious book reader, I will read similar books by authors I know, whom I trust their writing or from a recommendation.Riley is totally in love with his wife, Lily. She is the other half of his soul. For the past five years, though, Riley lives with an intense desire for his former roommate, Nick. A secret, he tells his wife long before they married.The reason why I think this threesome works lies with Lily who devotes herself to making Riley happy. The honesty between is somewhat unusual. I don’t know of anyone who can admit feelings to their other half for another person without suffering adverse reactions. I’m sure it happens in real life. After all, the world is made up of all kinds of people.Sometimes honesty can be a double-edged sword. Knowing of Riley’s unrequited feeling for Nick gives Lily concerns. She fears her marriage will eventually suffer from Riley’s inability to act on the secret. And as a dominatrix, who controls Riley’s life, she can’t have this issue hanging over them like a rotten apple. Lily sets out to draw in Nick in her quest to keep her man happy.Coming from two failed marriages, Nick just don’t do commitment and emotional entanglement. He keeps himself at a distance from his feelings, takes his sexual pleasure at a sex club two to three times a week. When Lily approach Nick with her idea, he is at first shocked, then he becomes fearful. He is amazed that Riley has had these feelings for him for a long time.I enjoyed the struggle between these three as they go through the physical aspect of the relationship to reach for something deeper. Both wanting control, how will Riley handle being caught between a dominatrix and a master? The erotica is hot and well-written. I love how Lily, Riley, and Nick’s needs and wants are weaved into their togetherness.The tension heightens when someone from Nick’s all too recent past begins to stalk him. I initially thought the stalker scenes were unnecessary to tell the story. I then realize, oh yes, the events actually deepen the characterization of the threesome. The antagonism from the stalker reveals interesting questions on the dynamics of a dominatrix, a master, and a submissive.Originally Posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2011/11/review-three-get-ready-tere-michaels/