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Honored Vow - Mary Calmes Rating 4.5Honored Vow, the 3rd book in the series by Mary Calmes opens up in a rollercoaster scene. Not the kind you ride but the one coming from the heart. Jin is reviewing a body in the morgue. Logan is there telling him maybe he shouldn’t.When I read the details, I didn’t know whether to cry or get angry with the author. My apologies. The scene quickly draws me in as the tension rises. I had to know what I was reading was true. What about Jin. Will the Nekhene cat strike out. If you read, Trusted Bond, you would know the Nekhene cat is nothing to shake a stick at. By the end of the scene, I knew we were in for a ride. Mary Calmes is at her best writing in the Change of Heart universe (and of course, the Matter of Times series.)The book first half reacquaints the readers with familiar characters from previous books. Jin, Logan, Yuri, Damon, Delphine, and others are back for another plot driven story. Jin still disobeys his true-mate. The Nekhene cat powers up as Jin’s emotions are all over the place. If you are familiar with the series, you will know the Nekhene cat scares the daylights out of people.The second half moves the drama to the cold weathered world of Mongolia. Invited by the Priest of Chae Rophon, Logan will participate in the sepat with other semels. The winner of the deadly challenge gains something valuable and sort after. Archaic rules and traditions dominant the contest in style of the Greek gladiators. Jin’s control over the Nekhene cat is put to the test at the sepat. If he fails, the consequences could be deadly.Honored Vow is a fast paced, plot driven book. I read the entire book in one day, in between enjoying the holiday dinner. I even sneaked reading the book on my Amazon app on my cell phone.The book offer more information on traditions and the culture of the Werepanther society. It’s interesting how these humans must live with a soul of duality, both human and panther. The race allows for a level of violence that is unacceptable if these people were 100% human. It also reveals ancient laws surely in need of updating to the 21st century.A combination of action, drama, and romance Mary Calmes creates a book of gorgeous cast assemble. I find myself caring for minor characters as their stories move to the forefront. They are characters introduced to the readers throughout the series, so we know them.Having Jin narrate the story is perfect. We see the events as they transpire from his viewpoint. The author then ensures the readers will never lose sight of Jin and Logan as Reah and Semel-netjer, true-mates who are the fundamental to all things happening around them.What I really love about this story is the continuing romance between Jin and Logan. They are explosive together. They are hot, and Logan, very manly. They are true-mates who can never be apart without adverse implications. And, yes, the author does just that to keep us on the edge of our seat.A minor quibble I have refers to Jin and Crane’s fathers. From the beginning of the series, they served as antagonists filled with hate for Jin and Crane. Through either major or minor events, they will do something to break Jin’s heart. In Honored Vow, they resurface cause havoc to do their thing, but the conclusion to their actions is not resolved in any way I could appreciate it. At this point, I would rather have the author give them their just dessert and send them on their merrily way.The birth of Reahs is a rare thing in the Werepanther society. Highly unusual is the birth of a male Reah such as Jin. Maybe because their protective actions to Reahs are hardwired in their genes, I thought Logan, Yuri, and others treat Jin as a female. The overprotection was both annoying and cute. I seem to remember Jin’s gender when he and Logan are together for quality time.The author writes a turn of event storyline at the end of the book that made me sad. Jin acted graciously wanting to see to everyone happiness. I can’t imagine how he is going to deal with the change. The one thing I wanted for Logan didn’t happened. I wanted Logan to obtain the carrot hanging over his head. When it didn’t happen, the feeling of disappointment overcame me. How could the author do this to me the reader, who wanted what I thought was best for Logan.Perhaps another installment is in the works and will address Honored Vow end of story. I certainly hope so, because the tension is still there in the conclusion of this installment.Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel. The story kept me engaged and at times on the edge of my seat waiting for the next passages. The author continues to do a great job in building this universe with each installment. The structure is similar to Trusted Bond, but what makes this book different is the deepen understanding of the Werepanther culture and the hot romantic scenes between Jin and Logan.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2011/11/review-honored-vow-by-mary-calmes/