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Texas Winter - R.J. Scott Rating 3.5Once again, Riley is the subject of the good and much of the nasty stuff that happens in RJ Scott, Texas Winter.Riley, who thinks things to death, is off his stride. A natural reaction when one suddenly has a child shoved into their life where none existed before. What is he going to do with a sweet and precocious eight years old daughter?Riley and Jack call in the troop. The family converges onto the D ranch with open arms to accept the new addition. Then begins the continual ebb and flow of Riley thoughts as he wonders does he have what it take to be a good father. Gerald, who raised Riley, certainly is not a good role model. To some extent, neither is Sandra, the mother. Riley does have Jim, who we discover in The Heart of Texas as Riley’s biological father. Jim is Riley’s mentor and has been there for him since birth. The problem is Riley hasn’t quite wrap his head around thinking of Jim as dad.This is a lovely family drama with tension and conflicts along the storyline. The threads of family members’ minor subplots are interweave in the story. Jack and Riley are adorable as ever but their romance takes a back seat to the family drama. There are times we catch them at moments of desire. Needs arise as tension grows. Having a child does dampen the passions to some degree. Riley’s scenes with his daughter are realistically written.And this leads me to where I’m a bit disappointed. I love having children as part of M/M Romance but not as the main feast. Jack serves essentially as Riley’s support as he adjusts to becoming a father. We don’t learn anything new about them as couple. Really, how Jack reacts to the daughter is nothing more than what I expected based on his characterization in the previous book.I would love to have seen some meaningful tension between the couple. I do think Riley has an issue with Jack. A thread surfacing in the first book and continues in Texas Winter. One day Riley will have faith in his marriage to Jack, and stop expecting Jack to walk away at the slightest problem.Originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2011/12/review-texas-winter-rj-scott/