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Static - L.A. Witt Ha. I love the opening scene of L. A. Witt’s, Static. It reminds me of the movie, The Crying Game with less violent actions but just as painful. Fergus (Stephen Rea) learns Dil is not the beautiful female he had fallen in love with, but is something more, a transgender.While the movie reaches the climax with the discovery of Dil’s identity, Static’s opening scene starts at this point. Damon Bryce discovers his lover of two years is a shifter. The woman he is in love with is now a static male, permanently changed forever. The life Damon wants with Alex Nichols as his wife, it shatters into the abyss.What makes this novel interesting is the creation of a third gender. The special gene allows humans to transforms gender, male to female or female to male, at will. In this universe, the existence of transgender is irrefutable. No one can question the psychology of gender identification. It is just so.What hasn’t changed in this book with a slight bent to fantasy is the prejudice towards something different and how cruel people act on their biases.Case in point, Alex’s parents coerced Alex into having an illegal operation without her consent. They decided Alex’s male identity preferable to her female identity. That she as a shifter is an abomination to their religion and especially to them. One had to wonder if you love your child, why in the world you would destroy half of her soul and as an adult violate her human rights.Static is however an m/m romance between Alex and Damon. The action of the parents is the driver that forces Alex’s secret into the open. A secret kept from Damon, as some of Alex’s closest friends know what she is.Narrated by Alex and Damon, the story reveals Alex’s perspective, the history of trauma, the sufferings of a shifter, the strength of character gained through experiences.Damon is like a rock. While he gives Alex support, the operation is life threatening, Damon works through his issues alone and with Alex. He doesn’t do violence nor does he run off scared. Damon is not gay and now has to decide if he can reshape his relationship with Alex in his mind.Of the two main characters, I sympathize with and feel Damon is the real hero.What I enjoyed the most about Static is how L.A. Witt develops the characters, structure the theme of gender identity, and the balance between action and drama. The story conveys a sense of hope. The revelation is beautiful and poignant after much painful introspection by both men.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com