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Strawberries for Dessert - Marie Sexton Delightful!4.5 rating really.I had no idea Cole and Jon had parts in Marie Sexton's other books, which I think was just fine reading this book as a stand-alone without previous knowledge.Cole did the unthinkable. He made me enjoy a type I normally steer away from, the campy, fem type gay guy. He was simply delightful. He made me laugh. Made me want to hug him and take him home. I wanted to punch Jon in the nose for being stubborn and difficult. I loved Jon's father. I loved how the author framed the structure of the book by having Cole write emails to his friend, Jared, giving us an insight into his thoughts and feelings.The only complaint I have with the book, therefore, the 4.5 rating, was the repetition of phrasings, particularly, the references to Jon's feelings on strawberries and especially the trip to New York. The second New York trip scene was almost described verbatim as the first one.