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Again - Mary Calmes I generally love Mary Calmes’ novels. I have several of her books that are favorites.However, when it comes to short stories, I feel the author’s strength lies with long, engrossing novels. The “Matter of Times” series is an example of her great story telling skill. “Again” just doesn’t cut it for me. The major conflict of the story is weak and doesn’t hold up simply because I can’t get around why Dante and Noah ended up separated. If we had some background info on Cassandra and Dante, of how they were together, of evidence from Noah’s point of view alluding to trouble in paradise, then maybe I can believe the minute Noah sees Dante kissing Cassandra would cause a breakup between them.Dante is a CIA agent. He works undercover. There could have been a number of reasons why he was kissing his partner. Dante and Noah have been together for four years. They planned to have a child together through a surrogate. Dante suddenly falling in love with someone else brings on all kinds of suspicion. As his mate, Noah should have been more assertive at the airport and demanded an explanation from Dante. Noah shouldn’t have care about his lover’s job. Originally posted at TWLIB Reviewshttp://twlibreviews.com/2011/07/review-again-by-mary-calmes/