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The Untold Want - Catt Ford I believe you can count the number of African American M/M Romance books on one hand. When I read the description for the “The Untold Want,” I rushed with delight to purchase a copy for my kindle. I started reading with expectations since I have read a few articles on black males on the downlow. The first thing I noticed, Myles Winston no longer resides in the black community. The setting therefore signals a change in perspective. He’s almost 40 years old, a successful investment adviser, owner of his financial consultant firm. After his divorce, Myles holes up in a one-room studio apartment. He lives vicariously through his financial profession. In contrast, his personal life is in the cesspool. Stagnant. Non-existence socially. Myles has hammered himself into a square box with the lid firmly closed. I feel for most of his life, he’s never been happy man. Myles goes to an art gallery to purchase pictures for his bare office walls. He’s does so because his snarky and wonderful admin, Tanshia, hang ups a Thomas Kinkade, which prompts him to fulfill his promise of ten month ago. While at the gallery, he sees a painting that stops him cold. A reflection of his past in living color. The details conjure suppressed memories of him and Davion having gay sex under the bleachers. The gallery owner invites Myles to the opening before he can release the painting Myles purchase. At the opening, Myles reconnects with Davion, the painter, and his high school friend with fringe benefits. Can I tell you Davion is just lovely. He’s black and a proud gay man long out of the closet. His character is great for highlighting Myles’ hang-ups; to show contrast between the two lovers.The Untold Want is a well written story told within the constraints of the story framework. The tone, speech patterns, attitude are appropriate for the story. At first, I couldn’t warm up to Myles. I had a bit of time believing he’d suppressed his nature for 20 years. But then I realized this is realistic. There are true stories out there of men coming to term with their sexuality late in life. It’s the impediment of the black culture with its premium on the black male masculinity, as well as the ideal that being gay is a white’s man disease. That gay is faggoty. Those demons aren’t as devastating as they once were. Besides, Myles lives outside the community. It his own perception and of his parents, he must put to rest. What you will not find in the story, black men on the downlow who have sex with men and have a wife or girlfriend. These men do not consider themselves as gay. You will not find a preacher spewing hell fire and damnation. Originally posted here:http://niciasus.com/blog/2011/06/02/review-the-untold-want-by-catt-ford/