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Back Home - R.J. Scott Somewhere spinning inside his head there is a bit of guilt tripping for an incident of several years ago when Kieran as a teenager discovered he’s gay. An act instigated by his brother, Brad, and one of lasting effect. Kieran falls in love with Jordan, his brother’s lover and there isn’t one single thing he could or would do about it. Kieran was thirteen. Years later, after leaving home for college in England and the time he comes back home permanently, Kieran’s feelings for Jordan hasn’t changed. Two years earlier, his brother’s death adds another desperate episode to his exile. Kieran returns to London and tries to establish a career in architect, continues with the life he created there, and be the best friend to childhood buddy. He has boyfriends but no one has been able to capture his heart like Jordan. What Kieran does is hide, from his feelings and from his brother tragic death. But hiding doesn’t benefit anyone. There comes a time he must pay the price from staying away from home. He must face the devil of unrequited love. The author makes it easy for Kieran. A parent falls to illness; the family business in shambles, the child comes home. Jordan is a man wound up tight with stress and driving motivation to succeed. He’s a widower in all senses and purposes and with Kieran gone, the way he deals with the issue of lost is to bury himself in keeping his lover and family’s company afloat. Brad’s family is Jordan’s family. It’s one Jordan known since childhood long before Brad and him become lovers. Saving the company is the single most important goal to Jordan. He will let nothing get in his way of success. Then the prodigal son comes home and turns Jordan’s life topsy turvy. Shocked at learning Kieran was asked to come home. He’s resentful and angry with Kieran. The adrenaline to succeed erodes to a sense of displacement. For all of his hard work and efforts, the Addison family no longer needs Jordan. Back Home by RJ Scott is an intense story of unrequited love and self identification. Interesting, the story starts at the end of a long and arduous phase. The author could have given us an m/m romance complicated with a trope of two brothers in love with the same man. We would’ve gotten loads of angst, bitterness, and probably some difficulty in feeling sympathy with the characters and in deciding which one of the brothers is right for Jordan. What I like about Back Home, we get an uncomplicated love story with a resolution to past history. There are internal conflicts and external ones from outside forces. The issue I had with Back Home is how Brad was handled in the story. Why mess up Brad and Jordan just to make Kieran and Jordan legitimate. Brad is already dead at this point. I’ve come to my conclusions after thinking about the narrative. I’ll let you the reader come to your decision about the treatment of Brad. It would be interesting to see how the readers think about this aspect of the story.Back Home is a good story and a quick read. Jordan had to grow on me. While Kieran is delightful and honorable. http://niciasus.com/blog/2011/04/26/review-back-home-by-rj-scott/