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Nothing Ever Happens - Sue  Brown Author Sue Brown penned a story of realism, the affects of adultery that can happen to any couple regardless of sexual orientation and gender. Nothing Ever Happens is a must read.Some readers in the m/m genre will have an issue with adultery. Please do not let this stop you from reading this wonderful romance. The author does not shy away from the concept and the consequences of adultery. Nate and Andrew HEA will not come easily and their story is fraught with much pain and separation. They are men devoted to their family. Andrew loves his son dearly. For ten years, his primary concerns are for his son, his wife and his home. He would continue to stay in this half-life if not for his wife finally giving in to marry her love. I can’t even imagine the difficulty and the sacrifices these two have made. Andrew honored Stephanie when she became pregnant by marrying her. Stephanie honored Andrew by keeping his home and together they raised their child, Colin. Their love for each other is platonic but very strong.Nate, who has never been in a gay relationship is a man tormented by this new aspect of himself, his growing feelings for Andrew, and the affect on his marriage. He is caught between being a devoted father and wanting to be with Andrew. Not one time does Andrew encourage Nate to leave his family.“He wasn’t going to do this again. He had promised Gary. Nathan was off-limits.Married, baby, straight.Right.”Nate will have to make his own decision. He does so by choosing to raise his children, which ironically commits Nate to the same fate Andrew will leave behind.In writing reviews, I know one should remain objective. I can’t help my total dislike for Andrew’s mother. What she and the pastor did to Andrew is disgraceful. She is a hateful woman using religion to extort power and intimidation. There aren’t many m/m books addressing the hate from the mother’s perspective. Generally, it’s the father wielding the whip to beat the gay out of the son. The fact she is the mother and I can relate as a mother, made her action vivid and horrifying to me. Andrew’s father, surprisingly, is quiet throughout the story. His silence is indicative of who’s the authority in this household. It also speaks to the possible nature of the father. If he’d been of stronger material, he could’ve protected Andrew as a teenager.Nothing Ever Happens is a well-developed character-driven story that could easily apply to real life. The story told here could be your friends, your neighbors, your family members. It covers seven years of Nate and Andrew’s lives both together and separately. It draws you in with the range of painful drama, humor, laughter, friendship, and fun such as the camping trip Andrew and Nate took Colin and his friend Bobby.“Dad! Bobby’s fallen in the creek. He’s hanging on the branch and he’s gonna drown.” Colin sounded more excited than worried.Andrew looked at his watch. “He lasted a whole hour. That’s gotta be some sort of record."Nathan stood up, stretching the muscles in his back. He wasn’t all that fazed. Compared to lions, a little water was child’s play."Yes, but Andrew and Nate’s story, there is nothing child play about it.I highly recommend this story. I’ve added Sue Brown on my “must read” list.