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The Other Side - Shawn Lane The Other Side is an emotionally intense and hot story of two men who bring baggage with them on their first date. Nick Sorenson is a police officer working for Internal Affairs. Ray Carmichael is a neurosurgeon who intensely dislikes the police department. They ignore the differences in values and backgrounds to satisfy physical needs. I adore Nick. I liked how he doesn’t allow his less than perfect upbringing influences him from achieving something positive for himself. I love his support for his family despite the fact he does have a deadbeat and addicted mother. Ray comes from a strong family unit of parents and siblings. Not only are they African American but they are successful with strong family values. Ray’s attitude bothered me. I couldn’t figure how Nick could tolerate the very opinionated and superior Ray Carmichael. As they grow closer, they discover they do like each other. It was nice seeing bit and pieces of Nick’s life enlightens Ray, giving him another perspective on the police officer. Their differences and their personalities will come to wreak havoc and will ultimately strain the relationship. The Other Side is very good in telling Nick and Ray’s story. This is a romance. There will be conflicts arising from them being together. Some are resolved and others are left open. The unresolved conflicts serve to highlight the Nick and Ray’s personal journey. Not to provide solutions on discrimination and racial profiling.