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Brady's Choice - Anne Brooke Updated ReviewBrady Treherne hasn’t set eyes on his ex-lover in five years. He is shaken to the core when his ex-lover, Philip O’Connell, turns up at his interview for a new job, as a consultant to the project’s employer. Philip is not immune at seeing Brady. Brady notes how Philip pales when he sees him. But Brady tries to staunch his nervousness during the interview. Answers the questions in a professional manner. He leaves the interview with the strongest feelings that he may not get the job. Worse yet, a door open to the memories of the past with Philip that has never left him. Brady is still in love. As we take the trip down memory lane with Brady, we also have a peep at the present. He hasn’t been involved in a serious relationship in years. At the behest of a mutual friend, he is introduced to Tim, a man five years older than Brady. They are at the first stage of a possible relationship, in which Brady has chosen to go slowly. The entire story is told from Brady’s viewpoint and he tells it as honest he can in his current state of mind. We glean little details about Philip as the lover and as a person except that at some point, he begins to distance himself from Brady and he begins to cheat on him. Cheating on a love one automatically put the person in the “you’re scum” department. But there are always two sides to a story and only when we have both sides can we begin to weight the situation and condemn the culprit or we can remain objective and seek for the deeper meaning of the story. What we do discover about Brady in his own words will give us pause. The hints about Philip, we will say, “Ah.” The thought of cheating will take a back seat because the element of something else is so much stronger and dangerous and it will give rise for the reason of the breakup. It is the grace of a breakup that adds closure to an unpleasant situation. Brady and Philip did not achieve this closure the last time they together as a couple. This element allows Philip to visit Brady after the interview to seek for that something they should’ve had done five years ago. The questions than become will Brady chose to reignite his relationship with Philip or will he chose Tim. But I think the bigger question is who is the real Brady; the person that Philip visits five years later. Did he undergo any changes during the time away from Philip? I love Anne Brooks writing. She has a knack for writing strong characterizations. Brady's Choice did not disappoint, and has an end to the story I can fully appreciate.