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Freeman - Clare London You ever read a book and think, these characters are distance, not exactly in tune with their emotions. This guy goes into a bar, sits in the corner and he observes. A kid comes up to him, sits down next to him and runs a pick up line. They share illegal smoking pleasure. The kid stands up and goes over to the owner of the bar. The kid performs his duty to the owner. The owner's security makes sure they aren't disturbed. Ogle the proceedings as they cover up the act from prying eyes. But the stranger is no stranger to owner's peculiar habits. Kid is done. He goes back to the stranger in the booth. Have a few words. The kid lays his head on the stranger's shoulders, and falls asleep. The stranger, who is Freeman, takes the kid home. Nothing happens, except you know, sleep. Freeman doesn't know the kid's name.That's the beginning of Freeman, a very interesting story for the way it was structured. Told in the 1st person, the author manages to keep Freeman mysterious, offering sparse details, and descriptive information without overwhelming the readers with background data. There is romance, mystery, and the nice pace in unraveling the story. I enjoyed Freeman quite a bit.