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The Archer - Abigail Roux Wow. It's been years since a book engaged me to the point I almost started a diagram to keep track of the all events and players. The group started out as six and it grew to the number seven and if you added the latest victim, semi adopted to the group for protection, we have eight. At the end, we're back to the beginning of six in the group. The end is the beginning. Take six highly trained, highly skilled killers and put them into a group with very little information, you would think murder mayhem would commence. What so wonderful about this story is how these guys, individually, kept information to themselves because you know, they needed a bargaining point if it came to that, and what they knew could've gotten them killed early on into the story. So they all played dumb. And the readers went on a rip roaring adventure trying to figure out the various twists and turns. Honestly, I gave up speculating and simply enjoyed the story The author did a marvelous job in keeping them and the readers clueless. As they learned more about each other, fought together to stay alive, and began to relate to each other, something wonderful happened to the group. These highly trained killers became a quasi family, who cared deeply for each other. And they had sex with each other. Yes, they played round robin with the beds. They cared for each other and I called it stress release. Hands down, I adore Remy. He was a risk taker, loyal, funny as hell, and a go getter to the nth degree. He bedded each member of the group but there was no doubt who he loved and to whom he gave his loyalty and devotion to. Within context of the story the ending was just perfect. The Archer was not a typical romance story but a story of developing relationships as the group worked to survive. The ones who initiated the cat and mouse game in the organization got what they wanted in the end. Ending on that note, The Archer is begging for a sequel.