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Maloney's Law by Anne Brooke

Maloney's Law (Maloney's Law #1) - Anne Brooke

Awesome book! Paul Maloney is amazingly one screwed person. There is nothing perfect about him, and there are times you'd want to have his head examined because he surely can make wrong moves.


This is not the typical m/m romance, in fact, it's not a romance. This is a crime drama. Paul is asked by his ex-lover to investigate a case which will unearth very disturbing events. It's also about the obsessive love the MC has for his ex-lover, and to what extent he would do for this ex-lover. Even if it means he does nothing, which ends up in a horrible consequence.


Paul Maloney narrates this story in the first person. We learn much about his dysfunctional life from the age of six into adulthood. His best friend Jade is the one defining person in his life that help keeps Paul glued together. Paul's relationship with his parents are dysfunctional. He lives in a terrible apartment. He goes through a nervous breakdown when his lover dumps him.


What surprised me the most is the change in my feelings about Dominic. As the story unfolds I realized something, in his very messed up, megalomanic psyche, I think Dominic loved Paul.


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