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Concubine - Jill Knowles Prince Kael as a spoil of war is introduced to the lifestyle traditions of his enemies, which are outlawed in his country. He becomes the concubine to Taren, the warlord of Zandria. Taren is half demon and half human. Taren is surprisingly compassionate yet demanding. He trains Kael in the ways of the concubine with a gentle hand considering Zandria employs strong BSDM elements as a way of life. Kael must overcome preconceived ideas of his upbringing if he’s going to survive and submit. He relies on honor and the duty to his country as his strength. What I like about this book, the author incorporates external conflict to deepen the storytelling. Someone wants Kael gone; he threatens a long held tradition in Zandria. The scenes are detailed and descriptive, just enough to perceive the wonder of this universe. I would love to have Zandria’s bathroom in my home. The BSDM elements are intense and passionate, and there is little angst. The ending is just perfect. It isn’t often I finish a book with such satisfying feelings.Be warned, there is a couple of phases that may yank you out of the book. The author has this tendency to refer to the “small man.” Don’t let this deter you from reading the book. As you get deeper into the story, you will find this phase eventually fading away.Concubine was surprisingly a great read.