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The Surrogate - Ann Somerville Surrogate is comprised of two stories:The Surrogate - rating 3.0The Reincarnate - rating 2.0Together I would rate as 2.5The first half of the story, Surrogate, kept me interested and wondering about the outcome of Jamie and Nikolas and to learn exactly what defined the Surrogate in the story. It became evident the title applied to more than one storylines. That Jamie and Nikolas pairing was less about romance and more about surviving the horrible situation Jamie in particular has endured.ReincarnateContinues where Surrogate leaves off and it explores the story of Nikolas, Jamie, and Seve, a three-some. Jamie and Seve is the main pairing. The three men must confront the psychological affects from the events in Surrogate. This is where I lose interest. The story is far too long in the exploration. It's repetitious in emotions and thoughts. Recognizing in real life, recovery takes quite a while if ever. However, intimidating in fiction without including exciting details lend towards tediousness. You knew long before the end how the story would end.The author tends to write more about character events and less on steamy erotica, which is fine with me because I do love reading character-driven plot with depth.