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The Lost Son - Mychael Black If you like the idea of Elves and the taste of the Lord of the Rings, with numerous love scenes that were well written, then this is the book for you.Generally, I enjoy deep, meaningful, occasionally dark stories where there's some struggle between lovers. However, The Lost Son was different in that Micheil and Kalen's love scenes (and there were many) strengthened the bond between the lovers. A bond forged through intimacy and power transfer, more than just having sex and saying, "I love you."Kalen, adopted and unaware of his true parentage, discovers his true birthright. This does not exactly brings him joy. But the discovery sets the stage for the sequel of this series. It will be interesting to see how well the author will test the bond between the lovers.I'm rating the story with 3 stars. There were areas in the storytelling that could have been flushed out with more details.