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Final Impact - John   Birmingham I really enjoyed reading this series consisting of Weapons of Choice, Designated Targets, and Final Impact. The format is setup like a diary with date and time, a leading topic sentence in metaphoric style to start the scene. Then there is the background information immersed in the details of the actual events giving the readers a flavor of actions. The author introduced a slightly different format for Book Two: Designated Targets. I read some complaints some readers missed the format of the first book. It came back with the third and last of the series.What is so cool about the American led Multinational 21st ships was the meeting its 1942 counterpart, the US Task Force heading to Midway to fight the Japanese navy. The 21st ships had built in Combat Intelligent technology. Combat units spoke with a particular personality. The unit on HMS Trident was named POSH. Have the capacity to design defensive attacks without human interference, as with the situation of the armada crew being unconscious resulting from transportation through the wormhole. The not so cool but granted awesome for a science fiction story, the CI units practically wiped out the US Task Force with the wonder of laser rays, rockets, and missiles multitasked to hit multiple targets. Of course, once the commanders of the 21st became conscious and aware of the situation, they immediately obliged the 21st armada to the Americans to continue the fight in WW II. To be fair and to level the playing field, Japan, Germany, and Russia captured their own 21st century ships to their joy and detriment. Searching through historical archives, they discovered they would lose the war. Yeah, that includes Russia’s cold war with the US.They will set about changing history, which ultimately leads them straight to a predetermined fate. Meanwhile, American society in the 40’s must contend with a group from the 21st century that follows a difference set of laws and social values. On those ships, blacks, Hispanics, Asians (especially Japanese,) women, people of any color, gender, nationality, and sexual orientation are in position of authority as part of the of the year 2021 social construct. One can imagine the major undertaking of acceptance or more likely unacceptable attitudes towards these people. Imagine a Japanese Commander committing horrible crimes against women and children taking a terrible beating from a woman naval security officer. Or the Eurasian, Captain Karen Halabi, Royal Navy, telling Commander Spruance(WWII Task Force Commander of Midway,) “…you wouldn’t have caught Nagumo with his pants down around his ankles and his cock on the chopping block.”His reaction: God Help us, are all the women from her day like this?Hee, yes we are like that.Enjoy!