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Weapons of Choice - John   Birmingham I love the concept of the future meeting the past and seeing how the writer will effect changes in history as a result.An American led Multi-National armada from year 2021 is transported to WW2, right in the middle of the US Task Force heading to Midway for a major battle with the Japanese. The disruption by the time travelers, the resulting destruction of the 1942 Task Force ships changed history. The Japaneses capturing one ship from the future sort of balance the status-quo. The Americans and Allied cannot have all the fun. Embedded in technological structures of the ships, are historical archives of the past. Japan and Germany will discover they will lose the war. They set out to change the history.The culture differences between 1942 and 2021 are vast. On the ships from the futures, are men and women of all nationalities and races. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians are in position of authority. Women are Captains and LTs of their forces. The women are strong and intelligent as well as in some cases, physically strong, in which men from 1942 cannot even comprehend. This is a great read on the culture clashes, differences, and how these people from two different time frame will emerge as a cohesive group.