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I might have a current fascination for M/M Romance, but I do read across genres, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, History, Contemporary, Murder Mysteries, Thrillers, and those other romance novels. 

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My Fair Captain - J.L. Langley Nate Hawkins, captain of Lady Anna is given an undercover assignment by his friend and boss, Admiral Carl to investigate the disappearance of weapons on the planet Regelence. He meets Aiden Townsend, Prince of Regelence, one of the five sons to King Steven and his King-Consort, Raleigh. What makes this story interesting is the infusion of Regency social cues onto the planet Regelence. Society there is patriarchal and aristocratic. The male birth is guarantee through artificial insemination and incubation. Regelence is ruled by King Steven and his King Consort, Raleigh, fathers to Aiden and his four brothers. The boys are sheltered and must not be seen in public without a chaperone. They must retain their virginity until marriage or the age of 25 years old. If compromised, they are forced into marriage by the male that have compromised their position in society. These rules are applicable to all of the aristocracy. My Fair Captain is a fun read. Aiden and his four brothers are truly brats. They test the patience of their over-indulgent parents, King Steven and King-Consort Raleigh. They utilize their time outwitting Jeffers, their computer chaperone and security system, giving their fathers gray hairs. They have contests for the most original rule breaking scheme. Aiden has rejected many marriage proposals. He wants nothing more than to become a great artist. This is his passion in life and everything else pales in the background. That is until he meets Nate Hawkins, an Earl in his own right, who comes from another planet, Englor, where same sex relationship is not illegal but frowned on. Englor is truly a state of Regency social codes, whereby, Regelence is more progressive. There is also the undercover story as the subplot, humor, adorable characters, and hot scenes between Aiden and Nate.