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Frog - Mary Calmes “It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.”Quote by John RuskinIt’s almost difficult reviewing this story without revealing too much of the narrative. The book blurb is right on target in its description of the book. What I can tell you is that I love; love this story with a passion. This is true romance at its best. Two characters, Weber as the protagonist; Cyrus the antagonist, the increasing conflict of convincing Weber he is the perfect man for Cyrus. If Weber were a woman, there wouldn’t be a story. If I could, I would grab Cyrus as my man in a heartbeat.What you will not find in this story are conflicting external actions such as those in murder thrillers, mystery, crime thrillers, and romantic suspense. While Cyrus laid siege with heartfelt emotional words, which seem to bounce off thickheaded Weber, outside forces are aligning with the stars. They come ready to do battle. Weber must push aside his manner of thinking to see them as they are, as gifts of love.As Weber resists the lure, he and Cyrus are loving each other something fierce. The love scenes are breath taking, and aid in the developing the characters of who they are to each other. The words spoken, the touches, the kisses on the forehead, the holding of hands. They send a vivid imaging of how these two belong together. They are beautiful.Weber is one the kindest, sweetest fellas and the epitome of the American cowboy. He lived most of his life alone, having lost his parents in his mid-teens. The one sibling, a brother, lost to the war in Iraq. Web drifts from one rodeo circuit to another looking for the big break that will make him a bona fide bull rider. At one point in the story, it broke my heart when he tells Carolyn, Cyrus’ sister; his address is a P.O. Box of a friend. Weber absolutely has no home, not a single place where he can lay down his head and put up his weary feet. The idea of having nowhere to go except to run down motel rooms or finding a job at some ranch, it’s hard to imagine.To everyone else, Cyrus, the neurosurgeon is distant, analytical, driven to success. Rarely does he smiles and he never shares personal feelings with others that aren’t part of his core family and set of best friends. The men he dates are of similar caliber. No wonder Weber can make him laugh, bring him joy, turning Cyrus into a playful and warm man people can hardly recognize.From the first page where Weber rings up Cyrus to the last page, the reader will be enthralled to the beauty of Web and Cyrus and their delicate romance.High praise to Mary Calmes for writing Frog, a wonderful a romance drawing in the readers with great characterizations and lovely details. Every character is important in telling the story. There are no filler wordings or phrasings. Frog is a story of hope, desires, reassessment, and the gift of love and home.Highly Recommended.Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2012/06/review-frog-by-mary-calmes/