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Artistic Pursuits - Andrew  Grey Rating: 3.5 starsReview originally posted at http://twlibreviews.comLeslie to Frank: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m surprised they don’t have a more senior man on a case like this”.Quoted from: Artistic PursuitsInterpol Agent, Leslie Carlton does not know at the time he made the comment, but he hit the ball out of the park with his first impression of Frank Jennings. Yep. Frank is insecure in his position at the FBI. His attitude is such I want to smack him across the head. Frank Jennings is arrogant, egotistical, and a control freak. Teammates and colleagues do not know how to approach the man. Part of the problem is that he is closeted at work. He wants his colleagues to him seriously despite his inexperienced as a FBI agent. How he goes about it is the issue. That is why I so love Karl as his sidekick. “You aren’t nearly the unfeeling asshole everyone thinks you are.”When someone steals Tiffany windows from the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music, Leslie Carlton makes a stop in Milwaukee on his way back home to England. He’s Interpol’s expert on art theft. Leslie thinks to give the FBI help by sharing knowledge and with luck, he will get closer to bagging a wealthy and untouchable thief on his list for the past ten years. Neither Frank nor Leslie expected the strong attraction building between them. Frank is actually a very demanding yet sweet lover when he is not out to prove something. He is a changed man outside of work. Leslie comes across the perfect man for Frank. He allows Frank to take control and let him be himself. What he experiences in Frank’s arms is incomparable to his other relationships. The issue becomes what will happen when these two must work together to resolve the case. How will Frank react when Leslie begins to voice his opinions? What will happen when Leslie sees another aspect of Frank’s personality that is unpleasant?The minor complaint I have with the story is that Leslie’s British voice did not ring true. There is also a bit of repetition in word phrasing. Although the author’s writing is new to me, Andrew Grey is prolific in the M/M Romance genre. Having written many books, repeating wordings and phrases should not have been a problem. These issues slightly distracting but did not keep me from enjoying the story. Andrew Grey’s Artistic Pursuits delivers a nice, sweet, engaging story. The crime case is interesting but I enjoyed the focus on the boys. It allowed me to escape for while into my favorite genre.