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Power Exchange - A.J.  Rose Review originally posted at http://twlibreviews.com/2013/09/review-power-exchange-by-aj-rose/Rating 4.5For months, the book cover prevented me from reading this book. I wasn’t into reading hardcore BDSM books. The cover made me uncomfortable. So, what happened? Honestly, I don’t remember why I decided to purchase the eBook, but I can say this, I’m darn glad I bought and read Power Exchange.Amazing that one incident can change the shape of a person’s life. Detective Gavin DeGrassi has been living the life of numbed compliancy with a wife he cares for but doesn’t really love, with a close-knit family of cops he loves dearly but could never tell them the truth about who he really is. It’s not until he and his partner, Trent, begin investigating a murder that Gavin makes a startling discovery about himself.The investigation brings in consultant, Dr. Ben Haverson, Psychologist, therapist, an experienced Dom. With the doctor on board, Gavin gain further details about the BDSM lifestyle without seeming too interest. It’s all for the job, right. He tries to keep his fascination hidden from his partner and the doctor. Then a situation with his wife rears its ugly head. Gavin goes to the Collared Club as a customer instead of the cop investigating the BDSM murder. There he meets Ben, and later experience his first exploration into the life style.As Gavin become totally engaged in his new life, more murders take place with the victims dying in gruesome BDSM murder scenes. On the peripheral of everything, someone out there notice Gavin and Ben, someone who could harm the new couple.Gavin is totally captivated by the act of submission. For someone with no experience and is unfamiliar with the lifestyle, Gavin gloms into the role-playing like a fish hunting for water. You can tell he’s a natural submissive by how he interacts with family and friends. I find it amazing how well he has kept this part of himself hidden, even from himself. And I think this is what Power Exchange is mostly about. It’s discovery of who you are through common goals, trust, and understanding. It is to understand the difference between submission and being weak.There are times I thought the narrative too clinical. By no means is this negative but enlightening since the clinical aspect of the details come from Ben Haverson. He’s a doctor and doctors should be objective and purpose driven. Ben, though, is such a lovely man. The author did a tremendous job in creating this character with warmth, compassion, and vulnerability. Ben is nothing I think of as a Dom. It’s when he and Gavin are together, role-playing, I realize Ben is very much a Dom. I also feel his Dom-ness seems weak because he suffered a terrible situation, which prevents him from getting involved in the lifestyle until he meets Gavin.I have one major issue with the story and this has a lot with me not giving the book a five star rating. It happens at the point in the murder mystery, as Gavin and his new partner, Myah are on the trail of the killer. Suddenly, Gavin turns into this OOC, who I don’t recognize. His ability as a police officer comes into question. I am disappointed the author takes this route. You know, though, we are imperfect humans with flaws and warts. In this respect, the character emulates real life.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Power Exchange. The book is well written, has well drawn characters and it kept me engage in the universe. Gavin and Ben are hot and wonderful as a couple, and it was great watching their relationship grow from the lifestyle into love. Ben says to Gavin their first night together.Power Exchange changed the way I think of BDSM, and look forward to reading similar books.