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I might have a current fascination for M/M Romance, but I do read across genres, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, History, Contemporary, Murder Mysteries, Thrillers, and those other romance novels. 

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A Red-Tainted Silence - Carolyn  Gray Opposites attract. Two boys meet each other 12 years before the start of the novel. One falls madly in love with a boy he sees on stage. Right then, he knows this is whom he will be with for the rest of his life. He knows he will write music for this boy, bringing out the best in the boy with the beautiful voice. He is mesmerized by the figure on the stage. He has to have him as a singer for his band. His name is Brandon and this is story about him and Nicholas. They are the two musicians who have attained stardom, accolades, wealth, who rose out of a typical suburban neighborhood to become well known internationally. But their life together isn't paved with easiness or rosiness. Trouble follows them along with the usual struggle that happens as one wait for that one lucky day someone will recognize they have what it take to make it in the entertainment world. The trouble traveling with them on road to stardom has been there for years. One person knows of the insidious threat mostly to Nicholas, Brandon. Even Brandon isn't aware of the full extent of the threat. But he will do what has to be done to protect and to keep Nicholas safe. A Red Tainted Silence is more than just a love story. It's about human experience in its tragedies and horribleness. Brandon is indeed a flawed individual with deep-seated issues. The story is written in a structure of present day and flashbacks. As Brandon goes through the traumatic details of his life, he will begin to reveal his true self to the one person who needs to know the most, Nicholas.I rated the story with 4 fours because of the repetitions of ideas and concepts regarding Brandon's feelings for Nicholas. You don't have to hit us over the head with it