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Sins of the Father - D.W. Marchwell Slow start but interesting as the story moved along. What I like about this book is how an almost similar childhood trauma affected the adult men, James and Charlie. Something that cannot be measured nor judged, people internalized differently. For James, the tragedy is more harsh and there is there underlying feeling he'd been abused as child by his father. He goes through life coping and not having a strong relationship until he meets Charlie. Charlie is luckier than James. His mother protects him and provides him with safe haven until she dies when he is seventeen even though Charlie never gain the respect and the friendship of his peers. Both James and Charlies will suffer the consequence of their father's terrible actions.In college Charlie meets Jesse. They fall in love. They stayed together for 20 years before Jesse dies. It is Jesse who becomes Charlie's guiding light. His care and devotion helps Charlies to grow into a compassionate, respectable man who is confident and forgiving. The question becomes, can Charlie do for James what Jesse had done for him? Sins of the Father was tragic, poignant, and lovely for its exploration into human dynamics.