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Review: Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry - Rhys Ford

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Rhys Ford continues to write a delightful series, keeping me totally engaged. It has humor, joy, sadness, a bungling hero in Cole, and a subtle theme connecting the plot lines. The murder mystery takes up most of the space in the storytelling. It also relate to the main idea in a different way that is enjoyable. What I love the best is the closeness between Cole and Jae-Min despite the tension between them. The author tests the love they have for each other, deepens the characterization of the characters, and bring to life their fears. I wonder how Jae Min will handle having his sister with him. Will Cole see reason and communicate with his new brother.


For future books, I would love to read one devoted to Cole and Jae Min and less on the external conflict. I’m ready to learn more about Jae Min and family, and about Ichiro and his mother. I really, really want Cole to confront his parents and take a strong, undeniable stance for himself. Cole needs to put Daddy Dearest in his place. After three books, I think it’s about time we take the storyline to the inside.

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