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Review: The Way Back

The Way Back - Carter Quinn

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The Way Back is one of those stories that may have you walking down the memory lane.  I think many of us have experience that friendship to lover thing whether it is straight or same sex relationship.  The premise falls into the category of “Just Friends” trope.  For Riley, his best friends are Jason and Eric back in their college days.  Eric, of course, is straight and Riley had the hots for him.  And naturally, Eric knew this about Riley.


Jason is the third wheel of the group.  He helps Riley when Eric leaves him for a woman.  Supports him as a friend should and unbeknown to Riley make a sacrifice that will weight on the their current but different relationship.


The Way Back is a fun book to read.  Riley presents the story in his point of view.  We get to read his thoughts and see the struggle he goes through trying to get a grip on what his heart is telling him all the time.  Still, I didn’t much like Riley and that is okay.  I prefer Jason, who seems like the hero to me.  He’s makes the sacrifice to ensure Riley’s happiness, letting Riley go to be with Eric.  Besides the chemistry between Jason and Riley is much stronger than between Eric and Riley.


This is Carter Quinn first M/M Romance story.  Although the subject matter and the actions of the story  may not be my favorite, I feel he did a marvelous job in writing a well written story.

Recommended for readers interested in well written, sweet,  m/m romance story.



Source: http://twlibreviews.com/2013/10/review-the-way-back-by-carter-quinn