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Flying Colors by Clare London

Flying Colors - Clare London

Rich boy, Red De Vere is very attracted to Carter Davison.  He’s ready to jettison his wild ways to be with Carter.  Carter is still grieving the horrific death of his lover, Jacky.  Jacky was unfaithful and inconsiderate.  He and Carter had serious relationship issues.  Carter is alive with unresolved issues.  Vulnerable, unable to sleep well, he makes a decision to reduce work hours at his high paying job to spend the time at the youth center.  Something he is very passionate about and the aspect of redesigning the center is fulfilling.


Emotionally, I had a difficult time connecting to the characters.  There were too many viewpoints coming from Carter, Zeke, Red, and Miles.  Carter and Red are the only ones I’m interested in as they are main characters.


The story does pick up when Red joins Carter at the Youth Center.  Carter doesn’t want him there, but he can’t deny his interest in the vibrant man.  Bringing them together like this did more for them getting to know each other, which help propel forward their relationship.  I may not be crazy about Carter, he does have some underlying anger issues, but I developed an appreciation for him for what he went through with Jacky.  Red, who has similar characterizations as Jacky, knows he must wait and he must show Carter his true self.


Overall, Flying Colors is an interesting story.  The romance is sweet and touching particularly for Carter.   For readers familiar with the previous stories in the series, or who have been waiting patiently for Red and Carter story, you might want to read Flying Colors.


I received this ARC from the publisher for the purpose of providing a fair and honest book review. No monies or monetary means have exchanged hands.

Source: http://twlibreviews.com/2013/10/review-flying-colors-clare-london