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Review: Santuario by G.B. Gordon

Santuario - G.B. Gordon

I love Santuario. The storyline starts out with crime and murder, and as it progresses, there is the question on the origin of the island’s inhabitants. What Santuario does well is incorporate story elements of crime, murder, culture, traditional values, discrimination, science fiction, and a bit about romance. There are two groups on this earth like planet. They are as distinctive in values as they are in physical appearance and at the same time, homogeneous.


The true sense of romance takes a back seat to Alex Rukow’s journey to self-revelation. The main topic, surprisingly, isn’t what one would think as they read the story. The lifestyle of the Santuarians on the island is the focal point narrowed down to the impact on one Santuarian, Alex Rukow.


Alex Rukow is a product of violence. He lives under the yoke of the Securitas, who are the protectors and wish fulfillers for the Familias. As a police officer, Alex has no authority in the community or with ICE, the Skane’s investigative organization. When a dead body appears in his jurisdiction, he must send ICE communications, risking his life doing so. This action sums up who he is. Alex who has little hope except to do what is legally right and to be helpful to those in need.


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