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ARC Review: Saving Sonny James by Lou Sylvre

Saving Sonny James - Lou Sylvre

Right from the beginning, Luki and Sonny have been up to their ears in a long dance of highly volatile drama. Three books covering the loss of Luki nasty and corrupted half-brother, discovering he had nephews and the brother had abused his sons, to losing one of his best agents. The biggest change of all is Luki falling in love with Sonny James, Luki who is cold and a badass. Seldom did Luki allow himself to feel emotionally until Sonny. Often times throughout the books, Luki would think on the slowly eroding cold exterior. So, yes, I do get why Luki is suffering from PTDS. The drama and ending in Finding Jack, the third book, was enough catalyst to send the man over the edge.


Saving Sonny James explores the effects of PTSD, on the individual and the people close to them. Sonny has put aside his work and career to nurse his husband back to health. It wasn’t easy for him to watch the shell of a man he’d come to love, who refuses to wash or brush his teeth every day, whose poor maintenance shows the degree of loss of Luki’s pride on being an immaculate dresser. Killing the guard in Finding Jackie has brought on such overwhelming stress Luki has nightmares and during the day he is zombie.


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