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You Were Always the One Review

You Were Always the One - Hollis Shiloh

The story opens in the Police Department, and officer Max learns the younger brother of his childhood friend is in jail for prostitution. After working out a deal with his boss, Max is able to retrieve Jamie from jail and take him home, where he will be staying until the arrest situation is sorted out. They become reacquainted and in the process, Jamie is strangely emotional, sentimental, and he decries his self-worth. Max learns Jamie, as adolescence, had a crush on him. Mason, Jamie’s brother, shows up at Max’s house accusing him of making Jamie gay. An argument ensues between the brothers and Max. Jamie finds out Max is gay, which makes him upset and angry.


This revelation changes everything between them. Jamie sets out to seduce Max and succeeds. They build a relationship but unresolved issues keep both of the boys on edge.


We enter the story from Max’s point of view in 1st person. As the we move along with him, he draws in the readers with the details of the present, and his internal thinking of the past of being happy taking care and protecting a very young Jamie, we get the sense Max is holding back a part of himself. He is definitely holding back his feelings from the present day Jamie. He admittedly acts as a zombie, setting up a defensive wall of sort for any emotional play that maybe coming forth. Max does not ever ask Jamie why he’s having nightmares. His action is strange for someone who silently claims his love.

Jamie is just about as bad as Max in attitude. He is emotionally a mess. No amount of loving from Max, of their being together, can eviscerate his nightmares. Earlier on, he berates Max for walking out of his life as a kid to the point of annoyance. He often cries and is sad but he is remarkably uninvolved sexually with anyone until he hooks up with Max.


It’s not until Mason shows up again for the second time the floodgates open and all secrets are revealed.


You Were Always the One is pure 100% m/m romance. The story revolves around Max and Jamie as they begin to rebuild their friendship and later relationship. The intimacy is written in fade to black language. What they feel for each other is quite evident to the readers even if not so obvious by the lovers.


I enjoyed reading the romantic story. The story is short, comfortable, and a quick read. The revelation at the story end will make up for any annoyance one may feel for emo Jamie.


Recommended for to m/m romance readers looking for a sweet, comfortable, romance to put a smile on your face.


I received this ARC from the publisher for the purpose of providing a fair and honest book review. No monies or monetary means have exchanged hands.


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