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Let's Hear it for the Boy Review

Let's Hear It for the Boy - T.A. Webb

There are few stories that can pack a powerful narrative punch in the short story format. Let’s Hear it from the Boy does just that giving the readers a full fledge story with a beginning, middle, and end in all of 46 pages.


Paul Stewart from the Journal interviews Matthew Trammell, drag queen, known as Auntie Social, who has raised almost a million dollars over the past 30 years for the local AIDS charities. Auntie Social is a special interest story. Paul insists on learning what keeps Auntie Social going since the treatments and costs of the AIDS disease are manageable now.


What Paul discovers is unexpected and close to his own heart. He hears of a friendship between best buddies, Sonia, Patrick, and Matthew. He learns Matthew and Patrick have been friends since they were 12 years old. That Matthew falls madly in love with Patrick and just before they leave for college, they acknowledge their feelings between them.


Patrick, however, does something incredibly stupid. I suspect youth, curiosity, and making Matthew jealous play a part in his decision that will affect the rest of his and Matthew’s life.



Through the experience of dealing with Patrick’s illness, Matthew will unconditionally love Patrick. He will become this exceptional man of unbelievable strength and compassion. His heart will break and emotional scars will help shape the man Matthew will becomes in the future. He is Auntie Social and he is alone.


Let’s Hear it for the Boy is a well written story of the past when AIDS was still new to society and the cure debatable and expensive. I remember reading and hearing horrifying stories in the news. How people who had the disease lost their jobs and were treated less than human. It was a time just getting a blood transfusion created stress and worry.


Besides the social commentary, this story is filled of love, compassion, and desperation of two young men who were in love as evident in how Matthew cared for Patrick, and how Patrick did something to lessen the pain for Matthew. His action, right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.


The story pace is excellent and the readers will get the sense of reading a long novel. My only complaint is that story is too short.


It is, however, simply beautiful in its offering.


Review originally posted at TWLIB Reviews.

Source: http://twlibreviews.com/2013/10/lets-hear-it-for-the-boy-by-t-a-webb