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A Package Deal Review

A Package Deal - Mia Kerick

What I love about this story is the concept of family and what Savi and Tris have together is juxtapose to Robby’s traditional family. It’s the idea of family that holds Savi back from moving forward with her life. Tris is the one person she loves and he means everything to her. The narrative will reveal through short burst of flashback details just how far Savi and Tris have come, from child and sexual abuse and homelessness to their present day lifestyle.


When Savi and Robby first meet, they both have a purpose for getting together. Robby hopes Savi is the one woman who can hold his interest beyond a few dates. Savi wants to find someone for Tris on one condition, whoever is the lucky guy he must be willing to accept both Savi and Tris as a package deal. On the surface, the idea seems weird and absurd. When Robby takes one look at Tristan and sees this beautiful man, he becomes captivated. A seed is planted. Perhaps, Robby is after all gay and maybe the idea isn’t so strange after all.

The road to forming this new family nucleus is tense, uncertain, fearful and sometime violent. Sometimes it is wonderful for neither Savi nor Tris have ever experience having a real family such as the Dalton household. Robby runs into conflict with Mikey, who is his childhood friend, employee, a crude moron. Mikey can’t handle losing Robby’s attention. He makes all sorts of trouble for Tristan and Robby. He influences Robby’s father with negative information even though in reality Robby’s father is not much better in character than Mikey.


It may seem Tristan is at the center of all events and actions, but Robby is the one undergoing character growth. He will come to terms with what is important in his life. He will wrestle with his weak character traits and innate desire to please everyone. There is one quibble I have toward the end of the story when we get quite a bit of info dump as Robby tries to think through his problems. It had an effect of dragging down the story pace.


Overall, A Package Deal is an enjoyable story with an interesting concept. I experienced emotion from sadness to joy. The few sex scenes are fade-to-black types.


Highly recommended


I received this ARC from the publisher for the purpose of providing a fair and honest book review. No monies or monetary means have exchanged hands.

Source: http://twlibreviews.com/2013/11/a-package-deal-mia-kerick